Saturday, August 15, 2015

15+ Pictures of the Payne Family for the 15th of August 2015

This month's pictures are posted willy-nilly rather than grouped into families, because that is how they uploaded . . . imperfectly. It reminds me of this quote that I believe and think fits our family well:

“There are no perfect families . . . but there are many good families.

“In the healthy family, first and best, we can learn to listen, forgive, praise, and to rejoice in the achievements of others. There also we can learn to tame our egos, work, repent, and love. In families with spiritual perspective, yesterday need not hold tomorrow hostage. If we sometimes act the fool, loving families know this is not our last act; the curtain is not rung down.” --Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Here's to August 15th, 2015 and our family . . .

Abe:  Walking along the beach with my good friend, Henry.

Afton: I really wanted this lamp. If you didn't know,
my favorite color is pink. I also wanted the pink picture frame and pink bed.
We only got a white dresser, but it does have a mirror like I requested.

Ande:  I had two favorite views today.  Family playing and enjoying each other and nature,
and two pods of orcas.  I only got a picture of one of my two favorite views.

Atlas:  Aunt Grace tried to get a picture of all the boy Payne cousins together.
This was the best we got.

Calvin:  Ed and Jenny DeFord and their five boys came to stay the weekend with us.
We had a crab pot and not one shell was left unturned.  

Eliza:  We furniture shopped during nap time today.

Grace:  Riding the ferry to San Juan Island to see the orcas with
Ande and boys, Ray and boys, and Abe and Henry.

Henry:  I like taking long walks on the beach by myself.

Kathryn:  I was a trooper while my parents took forever trying to decide whether or not to buy
this white dresser.  They decided.

Levin:  I caught a mouse!

Michelle:  Trying to have a good attitude while furniture shopping
with my entire family today.

Ray:  "Look!" or "Go West young man, go West."

Ty:  I won first place for my age division in the Possum Town Triathalon today.

Jane:  Part of our stove died six months ago, but we planned to limp by with it until Spring.
Until my nephew Ed came to visit and told us what a terrible fire hazard it was.
We went to town that afternoon and bought a new Whirlpool.
Ed and Austin installed it for us.

Joe:  Ande says I'm the upper right square.

Zeph:  When Ande tucked Zeph into bed tonight he could only talk about two things: "big whales
in the water" and "hold mouse's tail."  All in all, today was a grand adventure.

Ezra:  I got to be held and be outside almost all day, so I'm happy.

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