Thursday, October 15, 2015

15 Pictures for the 15th of October 2015

Ty: Today I sent a Japanese student on her first solo flight in the T-6. 
I wasn't sure if she was going to be ready or not. 
She was and you should have seen the smile/pride on her face when she landed.

Abe: I had the honor of reenlisting two of my Soldiers today.

Afton:  I started soccer today!

Eliza: Doctor chairs are fun. Mom missed the photo 
opportunity when I was spinning Afton around and 
we were laughing our heads off.

Ezra:  Ezra got shots and his identity stolen today. Big day.  

Grace:  Getting ready for baby girl Payne 

Henry got a much needed haircut this morning.

Joe & Ande:  Joe is at a conference called Geek End.
Ande is at home awaiting all the free stuff he'll bring back. 

Kathryn: Good news is I slept until 8am. Bad news is everything
it took to wind me up on the guest bed tired enough to sleep late.

Michelle: I've started reading the Little House books to 
Afton and Eliza after they get in bed at night.

Zeph:  Zeph and Ezra were both happy at the same time.
The weak link was Zeph the rest of the evening.

Calvin & Jane:  That is one big watermelon we grew this year.  I’m guessing 53 pounds.

Trevor: A company asked if they could use my picture for their advertisement.
You can imagine the ribbing I got for modeling for them. 

Calvin:  Michelle sent me a boot to help my foot feel better.


abe said...

Man, Trevor is pretty!

In all seriousness, he had some really good pictures.

Kathy Page said...

I love this--and I love that we share 15th pictures! Your watermelon is crazy!

Ty said...

Awesome picture Trevor!

Going bananas said...

Welcome back, Jane! I've missed your posts.