Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Fifteen pictures of family for the fifteenth of December 2015.

Folletts: The roast in the crockpot didn't cook. 
we had to go to plan B so Ray could make his
temple assignment tonight. 
Levin sampled the hot chocolate machine at his office. 
Atlas sampled everything else.  

 Zeph:  I chipped my front tooth on the bath tub. 
And I walked on the dock bridge all by myself (it's scary).

Ande:  My favorite view today.

 Ezra:  Sometimes I don't take naps so I can 
have alone time with mom and all the toys.

Grace: me and my babies 

Grace: The newest addition to our family- Hazel Grace Payne.

Henry:  me and Hazel 

Abe: Wrestling with Henry

Jane:  Celebrated Hanukkah with 150 students.  
That’s a whole lot of hashbrowns, donuts, dreidels and gelt.  

Kathryn: In the last week, I turned into both a crawler 
and a bottler holder. Since I'm getting into everything now, 
I might as well give Mom a few extra minutes to clean it up.

Michelle: enjoying the good weather while we still have it, 
while trying to beat both the sunset and the oven timer. 
We failed at both, but had a nice walk.

Ty:  I spend a lot of time in front of this board each day. 
Scheduling for my flight.          

Afton: Sticking it to the man.
If I'm going to nap, I'm going to do it MY way.

Strawberry banana juice: "Hi. How was your day?" 
Orange juice: "Good. How was your day?"  
Strawberry banana juice:  "Good."

I really believe this.  Home is our most important work.


Jill said...

I love it that your whole family does this!

melanie said...

I have to say a baby in a long nightgown is one of my favorite things!