Sunday, December 20, 2015

52 Blessings - The First Christmas Spirit

One of my students came in excitedly to class one morning and said, "My uncle is Joseph in the new Mormon Message.  Can we watch it today?"

I loved this video the first time I saw it and loved it even more after the sixth viewing.

I hope you enjoy it, too.

"What would it have been like to raise Jesus Christ? Joseph was a humble carpenter when God gave him the responsibility of being Christ’s father. While traveling the road to Nazareth, Joseph reflects on experiences he and his small family have had so far and on the significance of his Son’s mission to become the savior of the world. Even though he was often overwhelmed, Joseph was always loyal to God and to his Son, Jesus Christ. How will we follow his example this Christmas season?"

Though I doubt the Savior ever told Joseph, "I don't have to, you're not my real dad," nevertheless, it isn't easy being a step-parent and I watched the interaction between the Savior and Joseph with great interest and respect.   One way I want to follow Joseph's example this Christmas season is to listen more carefully to what the Savior says and to quickly act on what the Holy Ghost whispers.

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