Sunday, January 3, 2016

52 Blessings -- We're Making Progress

Temple Square in SLC
It was our reward for reading the Book of Mormon and it included breakfast at McDonald's.  It was a big deal.

Abe sent this picture in a family text the other night.  You can imagine the comments.  At least no one mentioned how short and full of static my pants were.  (This was the day long before skinny jeans, but after culottes.)

I was a bit embarrassed when I saw the picture; I did not know that I looked so hideous in a permed mullet.

But then I thought of something my colleague said the other day.  He was preparing for an upcoming family reunion with his adult children and their families, and he and his wife were watching old home videos.  His wife (who is the sweetest woman) said, "Oh Eric!  Aren't you just so embarrassed seeing ourselves back then and how we talked and acted and parented?  This is embarrassing and these are painful to watch."

Eric replied, "Embarrassed?  Why would I be embarrassed?  This life is all about growing, improving, and making progress.  Look how we've improved!  These videos prove we have progressed."

And there you have it.

I no longer wear a permed mullet and polyester pants with static.  I no longer dress our kids in clothes that are too big for them.  I'm improving and this life is all about making progress.

I've applied this logic several times this week in mental reruns of embarrassing situations that are over, wishes I'd used new-found wisdom in earlier decisions, and remembering old annoying habits that have been broken.  Instead of getting discouraged or embarrassed I remembered what Eric said, "Hey, don't sweat it. Those things prove you're making progress."

Perhaps even more encouraging than recognizing past growth is trusting in future growth.  I'm grateful the Lord makes improving possible.  He knew I'd need it.


katles said...

I love this! I just believe that, at any given time, we are doing the very best we can with the knowledge/skills/experiences we have. How can we fault our past selves for doing our best with what we knew at the time? Yay for the people we were, the people we now are, and the hope of who we can be in the future. Onward, ever onward! Thanks so much for this reminder…and Happy New Year!

Vicki Sabin said...

I sure miss the times i got to hang out with you and Eric....but i'm just thankful i did. You are an inspiration to me.