Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sixteen (or more) Pictures for the Sixteenth of June Two Thousand Sixteen

We started this tradition (everyone taking a picture of themselves on the same day each month) over 5 years ago.  It's a simple little tradition, but I look forward to it each month.  We may be scattered all over the world, but for one day we remember we're all a part of the same family with the same heart and purpose -- to live the very best lives we can and return as a family to our Heavenly Father.

Ty: I am in China and went to the first showing of The Lion King in Mandarin! Ever!
 It was very well done with just the right amount of Chinese flavor.
 It was also the Grand opening of Disney Resort Shanghai today,
but I didn't go to that. I went to class.

Michelle: I'm enjoying cake, ice cream, and an episode of Psych
with my parents after the kids are in bed.
The girls and I are having a great time with family in Idaho while Ty is in China.

Afton:  I had a great time playing with the
Jaynes' family (Ty's cousins) tonight.

Eliza:  I like being silly with Grandma Kathy.

Kathryn:  Grandma Kathy (my namesake) won my heart with sugar!

Atlas:  Celebrating my 3rd birthday.

Levin:  Celebrating Atlas' birthday.

Cali:  Celebrating Atlas' birthday

Ray: Celebrating Atlas' birthday.

Calvin:  Butchering chickens with my friend Phil.

Jane:  I'll catch them, dip them in the hot water, cut and bag them,
even eviscerate them, but please don't make me chop their heads off;
I'm in a dress.

Abe:  Went to see friend Nathaniel's new baby boy.

Grace:  Friend Sarah with our babies.

Henry:  Wrestling with Dad and Hazel.

Hazel:  I love when Dad sings and reads to me.

Joe:  Zeph really wants a bearded dragon.
I  really want a bearded dragon.
Ande says, "No."

Ande:  3 pot bellies.

Zeph and Ezra:  Sometimes we hug.

Zeph and Ezra:  Sometimes we torment.


Roman said...

Great Post!

Where is Ty studying?

Rachel said...

I just love these posts. I loved seeing Abe reading to Hazel. I also loved seeing Ezra and Zeph loving/picking on each other.

Jane Payne said...

Roman, Ty's in Shanghai! Congrats on the new baby coming.