Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sixteen (or so) Pictures for the Sixteenth (or so) of November Two Thousand and Sixteen

One day each month we document the day with a picture from each person in our family so we can see the everyday happenings of each other . . .

Atlas:  I am grateful that there are no tornadoes at my house and that Grandpa and
Grandma's house has armor around it to protect it from the tornadoes.
(Note:  Atlas watched the Wizard of Oz recently.)

Levin:  I am grateful for games and Atlas.

Cali:  I am grateful that our little boy is still small enough to carry once in awhile.

Ray:  I am grateful for the best day of the year and a demo project of a perfectly good bathroom.

Hazel:  I am grateful to be alive.

Henry:  I am grateful for balls to play with.

Grace:  I'm grateful for a warm house, foot to eat, and my family.

Abe:  I'm grateful for wonderful kids.

Kathryn:  I am grateful for the Sunbeam song.

Eliza: I'm greatful for marshmallows and straws. And that my right eye looks cool.

Afton: I am grateful for goodnight hugs from my little sister.

Michelle: I'm grateful that Ty bought new dishes today so I don't
have to wash the ones that stacked up through the day today.
Our mixed, matched, chipped, and cracked ones are headed for the dump.

Ty: I'm grateful for my girls and our Wednesday night tradition of
running to the track and Freedom Park. I run 4 laps with the girls in
 the stroller, then the girls get out. Afton runs a whole lap, Eliza 2/3's,
and Kathryn gets carried. Then we play at the park.

Winnie:  I am grateful for my thumb.

Ezra:  I am grateful for someone to play with.

Zeph:  I am grateful for read aloud books on the iPad.

Ande:  I am grateful for happy kids . . .

. . . and for the Young Women's program . . . and the end of a very intense fundraiser.

Joe:  I am grateful for kids because they are joyful.

Calvin:  I am grateful for good associations.

Jane:  I am grateful for home, soft nightgowns, simple suppers, and
16 on 16 of 16 posts.

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Rachel said...

I am thankful for these posts! I love them and I love you. Happy month of gratitude!