Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Save the Bathwater"

30 Day Challenge:

Write about a random childhood memory.

my sister, Chris, made me this nightgown for a 4-H project

One of my mother's most memorable sayings was, “Save the bathwater.” She especially said it on Saturday nights. A family of twelve church-goers meant a lot of hot water and bodies bathing Saturday night.

We always put Palmolive dish soap in our bathwater to keep a ring from forming around the tub. If you were bathing in used water and the bubbles were gone, you could add a little more water and soap.

After our bath, we "little kids" sat on the couch and watched Lawrence Welk (my favorite was the singing trio of Sandy, Mary Lou and Gail). If my hair was long-ish that year, mom or one of the "big girls" rolled it in pink curlers; if not, it air-dried straight and fly-away like.

Supper on Saturday nights was often bread, milk, and honey, the bread being baked earlier in the day. Saturday was a get-the-work-done-day and a day to prepare for Sunday.  A bath, especially in used water, meant the end of our work day.

What was one of your mother's most memorable sayings?

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