Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Seventeen or So Pictures for the 17th of January 2017

Our first 17 pictures for the 17 of January 2017.  

Our theme this month is "Happiness is . . ."

Happiness is shaved ice when you get to the best part - the juicy ice cream.
And, swimming and body surfing and finding a snorkel at the bottom of the ocean for
Levin to use in the bathtub.

Cali, Levin, and Atlas
Happiness is watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
with Levin and Atlas while Ray is in Hawaii on business.
 During the barn raising scene, the boys reenacted the fighting
 instead of the dancing scene like I did as a girl.
 If someone is ever out to kill them, they won’t “apologize for living.”
 They’ll dance fight. Levin says he is Gideon. I was always Dorcas.

Happiness is reading bedtime stories to Henry.
Happiness is being a mom and wife.

Happiness is playing chase with Dad.

Happiness is playing with my brother and eating cheeseburgers.

Happiness is taking your shoes off while you're away from home on business and remembering
the prank your 4 year old daughter played on you when  you were home taking a nap.

Happiness is using the "vegetti" that Ty gave me for Christmas.

Happiness is one-on-one time with Mom and making Eliza a heart to make her happy.
Then Eliza wanted to make me one too!  I love my sister. 

Happiness is hearing Kathryn say her new word, poot (poop).

Happiness is making my sisters laugh with my new word.

Happiness is riding the golf cart to see the alligators.

Happiness is a friend painting your nails at girls' night.

Happiness is trucks and dirt.

Happiness is popcorn.

Winnie is . . . happiness.

Happiness is having not one but SIX snow days in a relatively short period of time
and getting to work in your craft fort (a converted water heater closet) on an "I Spy" quilt for your grandkids.

Happiness is trying a new recipe.

Happiness is a family that will send in a picture each month to stay connected to each other.

Next month's theme:  Love is . . .


Ty said...

These were great Mom! Thank you so much for always doing them. Good pictures everyone.

Nicole said...

Happiness is having your family as my friends!