Thursday, April 6, 2017

Meet Winifred.

Winnie is the newest member of our family and the daughter of Joe and Ande.  Ande wrote this sweet description of Winnie girl.

"Winnie, nine months later.  I'm not sure I can adequately describe how absolutely delightful you are.  You smile so easily, and when you do your nose scrunches and your cheeks bulge.  You happily squeal when you see something you love.  Like Ezra trying to make you laugh.  Or your reflection.  Your brothers truly adore you and fetch you toys and give you kisses all day long.  This morning you ate an entire egg and a piece of toast, all by yourself, and despite a lack of teeth.  You are almost always content.  You love to jump and bounce and squirm.  You've brought a softness to your dad I didn't know was there.  You've brought a deep and satisfying joy to me.  You, my sweet girl, are special."

Here is my journal entry for the day Winnie was born:

June 24th: It’s 4:46 am and Ande is in the hospital having their third baby. Birth is a miracle. Every. single. time. I’ve been dozing in and out since 3:00 am and feel the anxiousness that comes as I wait for news of baby's safe arrival.

(Edited later to add:) I woke up a couple of minutes before Winifred Grace was born with the thought “Pray for Ande and the baby. Pray the baby doesn’t inhale.” I immediately got on my knees and prayed for those two things.

When Joe sent the text when Winnie was born I realized I had been praying at that moment. Later, I got a text from Ande saying that Winnie had breathed in a little of the amniotic fluid and it had meconium in it. The nurses told her to stop pushing so they could suction Winnie’s nose and mouth, so she wouldn’t inhale more. They had Ande wait out a contraction and not push until they could make sure she wasn’t going to breathe more in.

I texted her that I had woke up with the prompting to “Pray the baby doesn’t inhale” and that now I understood why.

Ande said, “She’s doing fine, but they were very glad she didn’t breathe in any more. Thanks for following a prompting.”

I’m so grateful for families and prayers and babies . . . and Winifred Grace.

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