Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gift Idea--Sympathy Tokens

It all started at our first retreat at Mountain River Lodge. Thirty plus scrapbooking ladies minding their own business (there’s a lot of business to mind at those retreats and everybody stays busy), when the owners of the lodge had a crisis. One of their brothers, who lived less than a mile away, had suddenly died of a heart attack. Thirty of us were feeling sadly for a family in mourning and wishing we could do something to help. Michelle, an organized and quick-thinking scrapper, suggested we make a memory book for the owners. Each of us made a 4” x 6” layout without a picture and put it in a small album. The family added their favorite pictures and had a instant and valuable memento.

A few weeks ago, one of our scrappers from the Mountain River Lodge Retreat passed away unexpectedly. Again, many of us were feeling sadly for a family in mourning so Alyson, a creative genius, offered to put a tag book together for Cynthia's family. Whoever wanted to make a tag in Cynthia's memory was encouraged to do so. I don’t have a copy of the completed book, but here is my tag. (The folder opens out to a small picture of Cynthia and the reasons why I love her.) Alyson will take all of the completed tags and compile them into a momento for the family.

Just a couple of sympathy token ideas and one reason I love scrapbooking and scrapbookers.

Do you have a token of sympathy idea? I would love to hear it.


Darla said...

Can I still get the tag to you or is it to late???

This week has been a zoo.. what am I saying my life is a zoo. Sometimes I wish I was the one in the cage instead of the one being the keeper.... *lol*

Let me know.
P.s. Your tag is awesome :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm sure there is still time....I just handed mine to Alyson a few hours ago!

Life is a zoo. So true. So true.

How are you?

(Hey...I RHYMED!)

Lucy said...

I think both of these acts of service are wonderful. I went to a baby shower once where we all made scrapbook layouts for the new mom to insert baby pictures. It was a fun shower and the mom appreciated it.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend

michelle said...

what a great idea! I'm sure that book will be hugely appreciated.

After my sister had a stillborn, full-term baby, she organized a project called Lola's Legacy. A team of willing helpers assembled cute blank scrapbooks for new mourning parents to store memories of their lost children. Very poignant.

Becky said...

What wonderful thoughtful gifts!

P.S. I checked out the info on your scrapbooking retreats...oh, how I wish I could go this year! Let me know when the one will be next year and I'll try and find a way to come...