Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Homemaking Tip--Cake and Soap

We made cake pops for the better part of the afternoon. Cali instigated the project and made a double batch while Ande was the tester. I thought the cutest ones were the chocolate cake balls dipped in white chocolate and then sprinkled with little black and orange ghosts. However, the plain white one did look pretty in the cupcake paper set on a pale pink, Depression glass plate.

Homemaking tip for the day: I get mildly disgusted with myself when I find something that I eschew as costly and consequently don't purchase, only to find it really could have saved me money in the long run. My discovery this year was shower gel. I thought the price of a bar of soap could not be beat until I included the cleaning supplies it takes to get the soap scum off the shower walls; this increases the price of the bar significantly. Shower gel, on the other hand, does not leave the soap scum build-up, and comparatively saves money and time because I don’t have to scrub the shower as often. Oh . . . I hate it when the cheap side gets the best of me.

What? You already knew this tip and have been using shower gel for years?

Does the cheap side ever get the best of you? Please, please tell me I'm not alone.


Jill said...

I don't understand what cake balls are, but they're mighty cute.

I never would have factored the cost of soap versus shower gel the way you did, I'm not very money savvy.

Julie said...

The only thing I don't like about shower gel is that my kids like to use it for bubble bath and then it's gone! It's not so cost effective then! I have never factored in the cost of soap scum removal before. It's pretty cheap labor if you make your kids do it :) Where can I find the cake ball recipe? I love your blog!

Mardis Family said...

I've never really thought about the cost of soap and cleaners as opposed to just shower gel, although I do use shower gel. My husband uses soap. Maybe I should show him this post, and it'll change his mind....he's finally coming around on the whole automatic shower cleaner idea, as his cheap side got the best of him before.
Where's my chocolate-covered cake ball?

Susan W. said...

I wish I had a cheap side, but I don't seem to. My husband REALLY wishes I did!

HeatherM said...

I've used shower gel for years, and now I am feeling completely justified. Thank you.

My cheap side has gotten the better of me booking hotels on more than one occasion. It's not a pretty place for your cheap side to surface.

I love your blog. I get to keep up with your family, and I always feel like I learn something in the process!

Barb said...

I have yet to make those cake pops!
The shower gel vs soap AND cleaners is one I hadn't thought of. The complexities of managing resources has me reeling after watching "The Story of Stuff" online last night.

Em K DUB said...

Hi Sister Payne,

I nominated you for something, you should check out my post for today to find out the details, and Gwen makes those cake balls and they are delightful, i'm excited to see someone else is in on this delicious idea!

Kim Sue said...

chocolate covered cake balls...I would have made a great taste tester!

Lucy said...

I would never have factored in cleaning into the cost of anything. Impressive. I am a shower gel kind of girl. I don't like bars.

michelle said...

1. I want to make cake balls! I love cake.

2. I honestly never thought of the cost analysis of bar soap vs. shower gel, but I did recently convert to shower gel because I discovered some scents that I cannot live without! Suave lime verbena. Yum. Softsoap mango/pomegranate. Such an exhilarating way to start your morning. I've gotten them on sale at Walmart and Target, and I swear to you, it is one of the best parts of my day! Try them out.

p.s. Let me know if you have any great ideas for cleaning up soap scum. We have hard water and I feel like I've tried everything!