Sunday, September 28, 2008

52 Blessings--Deodorant

I forgot to pack deodorant in my suitcase this weekend. I went down to the hotel lobby this morning to buy some and there was only one kind available. I decided it would be easier to will myself not to sweat than to smell like a group of men working in an Irish bog in the springtime.

Deodorant is such a little thing, but it blesses the person wearing it and everyone around them too; blessings have a way of doing that don't they?

What's your favorite kind of deodorant?


lelly said...

i'm a recent convert to Dove (i was a Secret girl for many, MANY years.)

i still remember my first deoderant - Tickle. i loved the packaging with the acrylic polka-dotted sleeve and the domed lid.

i think my mom still uses Tussy to this day. (i wonder about my scruples sharing that info about my mother...)

and every teenage boy i can remember smelled like Speedstick by Mennin. i might have preferred the Irish bog.

WHY do i remember so much about deoderant?!?

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Lelly, I don't know why you remember so much about deoderant, but I'm so glad you do! What a funny comment. You're a quick thinker and thoughtful commenter.

Tickle! I remember it! I'd forgotten all about it until you mentioned it.

What is Tussy? Is that a Southern deoderant? I've never heard of it and I'm certain WalMart in the West doesn't carry it!

I use Dry Idea. But I've always liked the Dove brand, so I think I may try Dove if you like it.

Anonymous said...

I once forgot mine while camping and borrowed Linc's and I hope to never do that again.

My first was Teen Spirit! A couple friends and I all got different scents and swapped them each Friday- how gross is that?

I love Dove and think I have used it almost my whole adult life.

deidra said...

I'm a Dove fan, too. But I recently decided to mix up things and bought a multi-pack of Degree UltraClear at Sam's Club. I think I have one left, and then I think it's back to Dove for me!

On the high school volleyball team somehow we all thought it was cool to wear Old Spice Red Zone. Our huddle of girls smelled like a bunch of guys! (I'm still fond of the smell, but I'll leave smelling like a man to the husband!)

Kathy Perrins said...

This isn't exactly my favorite, but it is my favorite name. When I was seving my mission in
Scotland I used...get ready..."odor-o-no". It made me laugh then and still makes me laugh!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

wow Dove must be pretty popular, becasue that is my favorite too!! But I absolutly HATE the smell of women's deoderant, I am not sure why, so I have to either get the unscented kind or just the fresh smell one. Right now I have the smooth cashmere, it is a pretty subtle smell so I can handle it!!

Alyson said...

my secret is..."I love to sweat"...ok if i were a cute Secret deodorant model..spokesladay..thats what my secret would be...anyway i love deodorant!!! good smelling people are my favorite! MY FAVORITE FLAVOR IS...Southern Peach and Asian Pear...yummy..yummy smell that is!

Donna Chapin said...

I had to go to my bathroom to figure out the brand I use, and the funniest part I have been using this deodorant for several years. Lady Speedstick - Carribean breeze or something with Carribean in it. I guess it takes me on a vacation each morning? The other funny part is when I am at Wal-Mart making my choice you would think I was making a life altering decision. I am there forever making this choice.

Mardis Family said...

Dove, DOve, DOVE all the way! I've tried many brands in my life, but I just love Dove anything - deodorant, face wash, shampoo & conditioner, get the idea.
I think in high school my group of friends and I used to wear men's deodorant, too, so Deidra is a kindred spirit.
Tussy, what is that?

Julie said...

I may have to try Dove after all the hard-core Dove users have convinced me! I love that in the movie MONSTERS INC they use "oderant". The scents were "smelly garbage","old dumpster", "low tide" or "wet dog". Something with the word "Carribean" in the title sounds more appealing to me!

HeatherM said...

I'm a Secret kind of gal. Maybe because I have a hard time keeping a real one :) Awhile ago, on a trip, Matt forgot his deoderant. Asked if I had any without a "girly" scent. I offered Vanilla Chai and Lavendar. He opted to sweat.

michelle said...

Hey, my first deodorant was Tickle, too! I had forgotten all about that...

Now I prefer Secret Vanilla Chai.