Saturday, September 27, 2008

Luck of the Draw--Scruples

I'm in a motel lobby tonight and just realized I've never stayed in a motel by myself. Ever. We made a quick 750 mile trip for a wedding and I'm flying back tomorrow while Calvin continues on to Idaho for a week of bow hunting.

I have a few scruples questions for you:

1. There is a group of women meeting in the lobby of my motel discussing affairs of their local parish. They are arguing. Sometimes loudly. It's quite funny listening to them as they appear to have come together for the peaceful purpose of fund-raising, but the meeting must have lasted a little too long because they are getting on each others' nerves. My favorite frustration is when someone raps her pencil on the desk. Scruples question one: Is it okay to overhear a conversation and then post it?

Yes or No?

2. Is it honest to order a child's plate/senior plate off the menu if one in your party meets the criteria, but it is someone else that wants to eat it so they switch plates? Scruples question two: Is the food yours once it comes out of the kitchen and whoever eats it is up to you or is it dishonest to order one from those menus knowing full well you plan to switch plates?

Yes or No?

3. Is it okay to use the handicapped stall in the bathroom if it is available? Scruples question three: Is the handicapped stall for everyone or just for those with special needs?

Yes or No?

What do you think?


Tiffany Fackrell said...

yes, yes, and yes!! But what do I know...Only that I have done all three!!

Donna Chapin said...


I would have to answer yes to all the questions.
Of course, with question #1 I wouldn't mention to many specifics.
#2 - Sometimes you might want a toasted cheese sandwich that is on the kid menu, and that's all you want. As long as you pay for it.
#3 - I do it everyday at work. But if there is a person that needs the handicap stall, by all means I would let them go ahead of me in line. If we didn't use the handicap stalls the womens lines would be much longer. As I get more mature my bladder needs a shorter line. Maybe that was TMI. Sorry. :)

Mardis Family said...

I'm with Tiff and Donna - yes, Yes, and YES! Especially #2, because I like to order something smaller sometimes. Portion size in the US is horrible! Also, if the handicapped stall is available, and there aren't any handicapped people there who need to use it, by all means, it's open for invitation....

deidra said...

I'm in agreement with all above.

Staying in hotel rooms by yourself gets mighty lonely.

Amy said...

1. Absolutely. Any true lover of human nature (triumphs AND foibles) is guilty (and greets both with a slight smile).

2. Yes. You are paying for the item. If you want to eat a smaller hamburger, then you pay for a smaller hamburger. The restaurant isn't being cheated.

3. Yes. I think most people use other ones if available, but if that's the only one open it's fair game (or if you have four kids in tow that you need to keep in view...done that).

It sounds like you're amusing yourself well on your night alone! Have a great trip home.

Kathy Perrins said...

yes, yes, yes nuff said.

Amy said...

p.s. The first real fight Jim & I had was over a scruples question. Something regarding genetic engineering that left me wondering if I could really marry the boy. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Yes to all three. I ate a kids meal for lunch today as a matter of fact and got the batman toy for my man ;)

When I was nursing I would sometimes find myself in a restaurant when the babe needed feeding. If they didn't have a place to nurse I would ask an employee if they would put a chair in the handicap stall so I could sit and nurse privately. Now it can sometimes take that big 'ol stall to hold all three of us- trying to wrangle a toddler and help a kid use the bathroom in a small stall is an exhausting feat!

hennchix said...

I never had considered ordering a senior citizen or child's meal--I wondered if the meal police would arrest me!! ;) But I have bought a kid meal for me at the drive through window. How conflicted is that? And I think an empty stall is an empty stall--the handicapped stall just gives more room for a wheelchair, doesn't reserve it.

Becky said...

I say "yes" to all a matter of fact the handicapped stall is the one I always make a beeline do they expect my plus-size body to comfortably be able to turn and lock the stall doors in some of those dinky stalls is beyond me :). LOL

I am interested in what YOUR answers might be!

Anita said...

Wow, Jane - great questions! I answer YES to all three! As a side note, I only use the handicapped stall if there is no other stall available and a handicapped person isn't waiting in line.

By the way, do you EVER stay home anymore?!!!!

Kim Sue said...

great questions but I am distracted by the fact that you got to stay in a hotel by sounds delightful to me!