Sunday, September 7, 2008

52 Blessings--Prophets

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but (until) he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.
Amos 3:7

Thomas S. Monson, living prophet of God

If I believe the Bible, and I do, then I must believe in prophets, which I do, because the Lord has used prophets to provide direction and revelation for the world since the time of Adam. I am grateful for that guidance and inspiration. Prophets have made my life richer, safer and simpler.

Richer: When a prophet speaks or writes, the Lord promises that the Holy Spirit will witness of the truth that is spoken. Though that witness is hard to describe, it is unmistakable and my life is richer because of it. Prophets’ words have provided me not only with wisdom, but also encouragement and hope.

For example, I remember the prophet Ezra Taft Benson teaching us that family scripture study is vital. Well, I know what vital is: vital is my lungs, my heart, my brain. I don’t live without vital organs. I took the prophet’s words literally. Our family’s life has been rich because of the study of the scriptures. It has navigated us through stormy times. Family scripture study has been vital to our success. I’m grateful for the words of the Lord written through prophets in our scriptures.

Safer: Because prophets sound a warning voice of dangers, both physical and spiritual, I can avoid them and feel security and safety. I remember Thomas S. Monson recall a time when he felt impressed to go and visit a friend. Thomas S. Monson was swimming when the impression came. He swam to the end of the pool, dressed and quickly went to the hospital where his friend was staying. When he went to his friend’s room, there was no one there. He asked a nurse where his friend might be and she suggested he was at the hospital pool. Thomas S. Monson quickly went to the pool and found his friend, paralyzed, sitting in his wheelchair down at the deep end of the pool. The two visited and Thomas S. Monson’s friend confessed that he was thinking of taking his life—plunging into the pool where he could silently leave this world—when Thomas S. Monson entered. At this point, Thomas S. Monson urged all who were listening to “never, never, never postpone following a prompting.” He told us how grateful he was that he had acted upon the inspiration to visit his friend immediately. I have thought of Thomas S. Monson’s counsel many times in many different types of situations. It has been beneficial to me and those in my charge numerous times. I’m grateful for spiritual warnings that prophets deliver.

Simpler: Some times it’s easy to feel that the charge to keep the commandments is too complicated or too demanding. I have found that keeping the commandments as revealed by prophets is so much simpler than trying to undo the problems that disobedience to them brings.

In my jewelry box is a string leftover from an object lesson. The string represented our lives and when we broke a commandment a knot was tied in the string. Pretty soon, as the knots accumulated, the string was no longer useful. However, if we repented of our sins the knots were untied. Each day I see that string I am reminded of the frustration of trying to unknot a necklace before I can clasp it. Each day I see that string I am reminded of the complication of breaking commandments and not repenting of my sins.

Prophets make my life simpler by revealing the Lord’s will. Knowing I know so little, it is nice to know I don’t have to rely only on my wisdom or intellect to get me and those in my care through this life.
I am grateful for prophets, ancient as well as living today. They are a great blessing in my life.
In what way have prophets been a blessing in your life?


Marie said...

This was so beautifully written, Jane. I loved your thoughts on VITAL scripture reading and comparing them to an organ that you cannot live without.

Lucy said...

what a great thought on a Sunday evening to read. Thanks Jane. I especially like the "simpler" part. I find that living the gospel does, indeed, make life as simple as it can be.

Becky said...

I love everything about this post. I have always had a strong testimony of living prophets and can still remember the powerful witness I received at both solemn assemblies (for Presidents Hinckley and Monson).

I love how beautifully simple the gospel really the story of Moses and the serpent we so often try to make it harder as though we think that it must be difficult.

thanks for this great, happy post! :)

michelle said...