Friday, September 5, 2008

Life in My World--Four for Friday

3. Melanie cut my hair and sent me home with a box of wonderful peaches. They are gorgeous and have great flavor. Food is so good this time of year: peaches, pears, raspberries, firm apples, potatoes, tomatoes. It makes cooking easy . . . especially since I’m happy with peaches and toast.

Sunday afternoon nap on the trampoline

1. Ande went back to college. Cali will be gone for two weeks and then move away shortly thereafter. I miss them both, but they’re thriving in what they’re doing so I won’t wish them back. I’m on a cleaning spree. It always happens when someone leaves. I’m even filling salt and pepper shakers, rearranging the ibuprofen cupboard and cleaning out the water heater closet while the grapes are juicing. I’ve never had lots of storage space and am consequently a tosser, so while I’m cleaning I’m also tossing. (Note to Abe, I didn’t throw out yours and Ty’s super Nintendo. I was tempted three times, but overcame it. It’s safe another spree.)


4. I’m not very good at surprises. I’ve discovered that there are bad surprises in life as well as good, so “expected” is the range where I function best. There are a few surprises I do like though: one is stepping on generous scales and being three pounds less than expected and the other is to find a twenty dollar bill in my pant’s pocket. Today I’m adding a third: get a C on a final when I only know a D’s worth of stuff. I took the “Final” in Physical Science this week. I had high hopes of coming home and ceremonially tossing the textbook into the trash, instead I put it back on the shelf for round two. I won’t know for sure if I passed until another week or so, but barring a good surprise I’m going to have to relearn the difference between fusion and fission.

Cali says our chickens are racist.

2. We’ve got to butcher the chickens. Quick. They're eating way too much. (I’m no Andrew Zimmern, but add chicken liver and gizzards to good food this time of year.)

If I invited you to supper would you spit the gizzards in a napkin while I wasn't looking?

Are you a tosser, too?


Mardis Family said...

Don't kill all the chickens, cuz we need to do another Chicken Run this Thanksgiving!
And I'm a tosser/horder, depending on what it is, or how I feel any given day....

Kim Sue said...

definite fact it has been said by my husband more than once "don't leave that lying around too long, Kim Sue will throw it away"

Julie said...

You can't be a military wife and not be a tosser! Well, I guess you could be a general's wife and hord (they get a bigger weight allowance!). I love to go through things and throw lots away! My kids would come home to clean newly decorated rooms and never knew what was missing! My favorite things to throw away are McDonald's toys, ugly knickknacks, socks with holes, and old t-shirts. I would also eat the chicken hearts but not the gizzards.

Jill said...

Racist chickens, now that's funny! And yes, I'd politely spit out or hide the gizzards so as not to hurt your feelings.

I love that though you miss your kids you don't wish them back because you know they're living their own lives!

I need to do some serious closet clean out this week. I feel like many of my cupboards and closets are at the bursting point, so that I hurry and shove things back in and close the door...oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sister Payne! I love your blog! It always makes me smile. I'm at school... it's interesting. You're still awesome, even if your science grade doesn't think so.


Barb said...

You KNOW I'm a tosser, but I have never had chicken gizzards. I'd much rather have peaches and toast!

deidra said...

My dad has been complaining about feeding chickens, too. I guess that's what happens when you order 100 chicks and they throw in about 30 extra. And they are laying hens, but not yet laying. He'll have a whole lot of eggs on his hands when they start, but until then, they're eating his pockets empty! (What a funny hobby that is for him, and how I wish we had room for a coop or two!)

Anonymous said...

I am more of a tosser than a hoarder, but it does depend on who's stuff I am going through. Because, you KNOW Nothing from my scrapping gets tossed!! I would munch the liver and gizzards, toss the hearts. We need to go to lunch soon~! viki anderson

melanie said...

I am definitely that easy to please when it comes to dinner this time of year. Now if only my kids were. I need to train them better!

I toss and hoard. It needs to be toss much more often but the kids get in the way, ha!

Your racist chickens crack me up!

michelle said...

I love the photos in this post. I would eat the chicken liver and gizzards. I'm such a terrible hoarder, but I don't like that about myself. Trying to become a tosser!

(you're juicing your grapes already? mine aren't ready until October...)