Friday, January 30, 2009

Life in My World—A Few for Friday

I used to read Amelia Bedilia books to my little sister, Rachel. (Did you read her, the housekeeper that literally dressed the bird for supper and dusted the furniture with talcum powder?) A few years ago when Rachel was visiting we were cooking together in the kitchen. I was not clear about something I asked her to do but she followed my instructions literally and implicitly. A few minutes later when I turned and saw the results I started laughing and called her Amelia Bedilia.

A week ago I was visiting with Cali on the phone and she said something about no reply bloggers’ e-mail addresses. I said, “What? You mean all those people who comment with a no-reply e-mail haven’t been getting my responses to them?”

She said, “No…….how can they?” Talking slower now as if she was Mr. Rogers and I was Amelia Bedilia, “They say N-O-R-E-P-L-Y—comment.” Argh. Somewhere in the no-reply box sits hundreds and hundreds of returned comments to things you have written to me. To you no-reply commenters please know your thoughts were important and I’ve felt badly ever since I realized you haven’t gotten them. The real Amelia Bedilia has now come forth.

I just bought polenta for the first time last week. Any suggestions or ideas on how to use it? Do you use plain polenta for breakfast and seasoned for dinner? Do you like polenta? What do you do with it? Please, do tell.


Anita tagged me to open the sixth picture folder on my computer and post the sixth picture from that folder. This is a picture of Cali’s first college graduation with a few of her mainland friends. The lei made of ice pops was a gift from the friend on the right. I just read that leis should never be casually thrown away or tossed in the trash. Because a lei represents love, throwing it away represents throwing away the love of the giver. Leis should be returned to the place they were gathered, or at least returned to the earth via hanging in a tree, burying or burning. I'm glad I know this, it means we MUST return to Hawaii and give our leis back to the Hawaiian soil. It's only right.


MaryRC said...

i love amelia bedelia, so do my kids, i tried to introduce them to her a bit to early in life and they didn't quite get her until the 3rd grade. "jelly roll" What a Mess!

wish i could help you with the polenta, sounds and looks very intriguing, and also like something i would buy for those reasons and then it would sit and go bad before i knew what to do with it. LOL

I like that picture it signifies youth, the faces the colors... ahh memories!!

michelle said...

We used to read Amelia Bedelia as well.

Yes, I think you really must return to Hawaii!

Susan said...

My dearest Jane,

(Can you tell I've been reading Pride and Prejudice again?)

I love that you read Amelia Bedelia to Rachel. I love that you bought Polenta, even though you don't know what to do with it. I love that you are worried about all your reply comments being lost in space and you are worried about the people not being valued. I love that you want to go back to Hawaii, not just because you want to go, but because you want to give the lei back.

You are priceless.

Love, Susan

(no reply necessary)

Jill said...

I love Amelia Bedelia, and remember having a teacher who read it to us in class.

I don't know what polenta is.

Sorry about the no reply situation, that's too bad.

Kim Sue said...

makes good shrimp and grits (polenta)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Oh I love Amelia Bedelia!!!

Raechal Ray uses Polenta a lot and it always looks really yummy, you should check out her site for recipes!!

melanie said...

I agree with Susan, you are priceless. I love reading Amelia Bedilia too. I used to check them out at the library to read to the kids a few years ago but then I decided they were a bit long for me to not lose patience. But now they can read them all by themselves and they remember them and love them still. I'm weak when it comes to long books and kids.

I agree Hawaii is calling your name.

Do post anything good that comes out of your Polenta purchase.

Wifey Dessert said...

i have never heard Amelia! but i will be checking her out!! i love love that lei of pocicles so cute!!!

Nikki said...

I'm never quite sure where to comment anymore for your newsletters. But I very much enjoyed this one. It was just what I needed. And I was very excited to see a lemon bar recipe. I called Danny just now and asked him to bring me some lemons. I especially loved Maddies, "Earth strength us" and her explanation. Kids are so wise.

No to your post, I LOVE Amelia Bedilia books. I read them to my little sister Rachel. She loved them so much that I read them to her frequently. When I saw these books in the book order my first grader brought home, I ordered ALL of them. I've only given him one so far. Unfortunately, he's very literal about things. And he doesn't understand the humor. I hope he grows into it.

I absolutely agree with you on the leis. You need to put them to rest peacefully and respectfully. ;)

HeatherM said...

Jane-Great post.

Colton and I were just discussing Amelia Bedelia yesterday - what a coincidence!

This post does leave me with one disturbing loose string - that must have been SOME deal on the Polenta, that my thrifty friend would come upon some without first having a plan! Do tell, Dear Jane, do tell!

Becky said...

I adore Amelia Bedilia, I have no idea what polenta is, funny story with the e-mails, and I love the picture of Cali's graduation. Let us know when you make it back to Hawaii! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh this gave me a really good late night laugh. I sent a couple replies like that and realized it and felt sheepish. So funny Jane.

Go to Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the polenta!

I have made polenta, but never bought it in a tube- how cool! (It is really easy to make!) When I make it, I season it with chicken broth etc. It is really good served under a beef stew. A meaty bolognese sauce would be good served over it as well. Kind of think of it as rice/noodles/potatoes that you would serve other stuff with. Another good one is pork sausage with black or red beans that is seasoned with "chili" spices, like cumin and garlic.

If you make it from scratch, you can leave it kinda thick and actually pan fry/grill it. So good. I have never eaten it for breakfast- gotta try that!

Lyle and Mary: said...

I am still trying to make sticky rice, instead of mushy rice. Bag Hawaii (you've been there more than once) and go to Italy and learn what to do with Polenta. Better yet come to Korea and show me how to make sticky rice.
I wonder what Amelia would have done with Polenta. Was that on sale by any chance Jane? Not that that would be the reason you would by it or anything....