Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quotable Quote—Blind Leading the Blind

by James Christensen

I love James Christensen art—it’s colorful, thought provoking and pleasing. What a talented man. I’m so glad he shares his talent with the world. This picture reminds me of many spiritual, emotional and physical situations and warns me of current and future ones.

Several weeks ago we were in Philadelphia attending the annual Army/Navy game. Calvin is a fretful sort and I’m a slopful sort when it comes to being early to big occasions. Having flown thousands of miles to attend the event, Calvin didn’t want to be one second late and asked the hotel attendants several times for subway directions to the game. Each time they gave him the same directions, “Just follow the crowd; everybody will be going that way.”

The morning of the game, Calvin, Grace and I did indeed follow the masses; however we broke away at the corner Dunkin’ Donut to get bagels. Calvin began to fret, but I assured him sitting hungry in 20 degree weather for 8 hours would wreck more havoc than losing ten minutes and there would always be a crowd.

With our bagels in a bag, we stepped back out on the street; except this time, the crowd was behind us. We were leading by default. We assumed we could ride the wave of their knowledge to the correct stop. Never assume. We crossed the street just like we’d seen the masses before us, but were not surprised to find the first stop closed because we’d heard the first crowd say it would be and that we’d have to catch it at the next. When we got to where the next stop should be, it appeared to be one big exit-only tunnel—no gate, no attendant, just a hole with several passage ways. Realizing our wave had shored with no knowledge and that everyone thought we knew where we were going, we turned and gave them a blank look. They asked, “Don’t you know where you are going?” We shook our heads. Everyone in the group turned and looked for a leader in the one behind them. None. No one knew. Truly, “And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the . . .” tunnel and be late to the game. The group waited while a few of us scouted the different passageways looking for a subway. When “I’ve found it!” echoed, we hurried in mass to the voice and hurriedly crammed into the train. And the moral to this story is:

A) Listen to Calvin
B) Make certain you know who you’re following knows where they’re going
C) “Follow the crowd” is never good advice
D) All of the above
E) None of the above. The moral of the story is _____________________________.


Becky said...

E) Use the internet to look up the subway directions and print them off the day before. :)

I must confess I have never heard of James Christensen but after seeing the delightful artwork in this post my interest has been piqued.

Great story with a good moral!

Julie said...

I'm fretful like Calvin and I would have had my mapquest directions in my backpack or my trusty gps (does it do subways?) and then enjoyed my donut.

Kathy said...

I'm with Calvin, after making that much effort to go to the game, I don't want to be in a tizzy getting there. I HAVE to know where were are going and that we will be there EARLY because invariable there will be some mishape along the way!!!!!! Can you feel my anx?

MaryRC said...

falls into the same category "fake it til you make it" such a great story. i get nervous when people follow me somewhere im not familiar with, i always stop and say "i don't know where the heck im going, someone else lead." i dont want to be responsible for taking everyone down with me. but if i do know, boy howdy dont even try to lead, im in charge here!

i love that picture, i'm lookin up this artist, so very vibrant!


I take my GPS everywhere!!! It is amazing the frustrations it avoids. I can't believe it even finds the closest malls!!! Nicole and I love our GPS!!! Thanks to my son who worried about his Mom getting lost!?!

Lori said...

Definetly D all of the above. Funny Story---fun adventure.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. I am such a "better early than late" type, so I would have been so anxious in that situation! I get directions for almost everything and if someone else is driving, I print directions and have them "just in case". Anytime we have followed someone, I always make sure they know where they are going- I bet it is annoying!

michelle said...

E. Mapquest is your friend! (But I enjoyed A-D quite a bit.)