Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gift Idea—Thank You Very Much

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President Thomas S. Monson told this story: “Several years ago we had a young paperboy who didn't always deliver the paper in the manner intended. Instead of getting the paper on the porch, he sometimes accidentally threw it into the bushes or even close to the street. Some on his paper route decided to start a petition of complaint. One day a delegation came to our home and asked my wife, Frances, to sign the petition. She declined, saying, "Why, he's just a little boy, and the papers are so heavy for him. I would never be critical of him, for he tries his best." The petition, however, was signed by many of the others on the paper route and sent to the boy's supervisors.

“Not many days afterward, I came home from work and found Frances in tears. When she was finally able to talk, she told me that she had just learned that the body of the little paperboy had been found in his garage, where he had taken his own life. Apparently the criticism heaped upon him had been too much for him to bear. How grateful we were that we had not joined in that criticism. What a vivid lesson this has always been regarding the importance of being nonjudgmental and treating everyone with kindness.”

If criticism has the power to destroy, then surely speaking well of others has the power to build. What a great gift—to build another. Teachers, nurses, waitresses, housekeepers, doctors—everybody can benefit from a letter of commendation in their professional file. The next time you’ve been treated well and would like to send a “Thank you” gift, consider sending a letter of commendation for their professional file (by sending the letter to the administration or boss of the person you want to thank) as well as to the person to whom you want to show appreciation.

Receiving a thank you card is a wonderful gift and receiving a thank you card in your professional file makes that gift last a very long time.
Have you ever received a thank-you letter for your professional file?
Who have you sent a "professional file" thank-you to?


Jill said...

You know I'm a big fan of the thank-you note so this story really hurts my heart. I try to make sure I thank people for everything.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for reminding me of this tender story Jane. What a moving post!

Kathy said...

No, but what a great idea!!!!!!

Becky said...

That story has me practically in is absolutely heart-breaking.

What a great reminder to all of us. Thank you, Jane, for all you do for this blogging community!

michelle said...

A sad sad story indeed. I am a big fan of thank you notes as well, but have never in my memory written a professional commendation letter. Great idea!

Kim Sue said...

what a story to remind us of what we know we need to do...sometimes we forget to be thankful for people when we get in the mindset of expecting things. Terribly, sometimes I am only reminded of this when things I expect are not as expected. So much better to be thankful than of being critical!

Alisa said...

A most welcome reminder to thank and to be mindful of our actions and words.
We have told management several times when we are appreciative of service we have received but have not written a note.
I myself received a note thanking me for my service. I worked at the Broadmoore in Colorado Springs- it meant so much to have somebody notice me!