Friday, February 20, 2009

Life in My World—A Few for Friday

We’re on the countdown with Ty. In his e-mail this week he said that his mission president said it is time to choose an exit date. We’re still waiting to hear from the Air Force Academy on the date he needs to report, so that will play a factor, but still . . . it’s exciting to start thinking of him returning home. It is a mixed bag though, because it is an incredibly thrilling opportunity to have your child serve a mission and I will miss that.

Seemore is the sweetest dog. Along with fetching, he now sits . . . except for when he first comes in the house after he’s been gone with Calvin all day to work. Calvin loves to bring him in to tell me hello and Seemore gets so excited. If I’m sitting in a chair he charges and nearly jumps in my lap. Yesterday I heard them coming through the garage and I didn’t want to be attacked so I hid behind the couch. Calvin came in, looked around and said, “Come on Seemore, she’s not here. Let’s go find her.” Too late. Seemore had already sensed where I was and had run around the couch and tackled me in my crouched position.
He goes on a walk with me every night, which has made me more consistent and walk faster. After our walk he is wasted. He gladly crawls back in his kennel and falls sound asleep, complete with snore. He does not like his shiny, stainless steel bowl that Cali and Ray bought him for Christmas. When he gets near the bottom of his food he thinks he sees another dog in his reflection and growls and backs away from the bowl.
In the evenings and on Saturdays he loves to lay by the fire out in the shop while Calvin is working on his gun. We remind me of an old couple with only a dog for company. All we need is a checkerboard and a pantry full of canned dog food and we’re there.

We’re headed to bigger town tonight with some friends. They said there’s a new rib restaurant there and since we need to pick up supplies for a young single adult ward party, we might as well try it. I’m hoping we can stop for a minute at the scrapbook store for supplies—I’ve got a mission book to start and finish in a couple of months.

Seldom do I find the symbolism in novels. No, seldom isn’t even accurate, let me restate that: almost never do I see the subtle symbolism in novels. Anybody that has ever been in a bookclub discussion with me will vouch for that sentence. I console myself that though I don’t find the deeper meanings I do find some working knowledge—something I can apply. In The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, the character Juliet writes to an associate,

“Since you should know something about me, I have asked the Reverend to write to you . . . (because he) is fond of me. I have asked Lady Bella to provide a reference for me, too . . . she wholeheartedly dislikes me. Between the two of them, you may get a fair picture of my character.”

That sentence has made me pause with cause to think. Identifying who thinks the lowliest and who thinks the highest of me, along with the sum total of their assessments, kept me and Seemore busy one whole walk. Can you identify the two people you’d choose for references with those stipulations?


Lucy said...

Man, your life is so exciting with engagements and missionary homecomings. Next will come grandbabies and more weddings. You sure lead a full life.

Somehow I missed the intro to Seemore. Is he a puppy? You make it sound all cute and wonderful. But you don't fool me. I remember all the peeing on carpet and chewing of non-chewable things. Still...he sounds very charming.

I loved that quote from Guernsey! But, wow, I didn't apply it to myself. I try hard not to think about who doesn't like me. It's one of those things that makes me unhappy. Not that they don't like me, but that I did something to make it so. So to pinpoint who dislikes me the most...gah! I'm even having a hard time thinking of someone who might gush about me. Certainly, my flaws are visible to most.

Great post, Jane.

Jenny said...

That is so exciting about Ty coming home.

I am totally cracking up about your dog not only finding you but growling at that reflection so funny!

As far as Famous Dave's that is one of our favorite places to eat! Yum! The cornbread is double yum!

Barb said...

I agree, you are having quite a year! (Not exactly the quiet old folks with only a dog for company.)
That is a great quote, I don't even think I have that book in my 'to read' list. I must add it. I can instantly think of my 2 people: Dani and Brad. Both are ridiculous.

tina said...

Seemore sounds like a funny little dog; he sounds like he's fun to have around. My dog gets really excited to see me (or anyone) - problem he's about 80 pounds and could easily, accidentally knock someone over!

Good luck on Famous Dave's. They have good food. We went for lunch one day and I was slightly disappointed by the portion size of my MEAT. That's why I went there, for the MEAT. It was tasty, but could have eaten more MEAT. I hope the dinner portions are bigger since they do cost more!

michelle said...

I've been wanting to read that book, now moreso! I think maybe my mom would be the one who thinks most highly of me. I'm going to have to think about the other one. A lovely mental picture I have now of you and Seemore discussing it on your walk...

Cali said...

Mom, that was a funny quote. It has me thinking too. I would say you and dad are my biggest allies, but I also think you see me the clearest (therefore making you more accurate). I would say my old roommate Stephanie would give the best aspect to my negative side. I think we were both happy to part ways after that semester. She was the only roommate that I EVER had troubles with. EVER.


Korbi said...

I would say that Beck, my son, would be the one to talk me up because he says that, "my mom is awesome." and a parent of a kid at school would be my negative one, even though I wasn't even her kid's teacher, she had enough to say about me, I'd only met her 3 times and never really had a full conversation with her, so I would like to hear what had her all riled up about me. So hopefulyy after these interviews they'd share what my references had to say, although I can already hear Beck's.... "my mom awesome, I wanna kiss her." :) hehe

hennchix said...

Jane! How fun for you! I can't wait to talk to Ty, maybe he served in some of the same areas I did, and even more--what if some of the same people are active?

I was cracking up picturing you hiding behind a chair to no avail, and how delighted Seemore was to find you. He might make a good hunting companion for Calvin yet.

You have some of the most interesting books on your list, but how you find time to read is beyond me.

Thanks for a great post.

Lyle and Mary: said...

I just read that playing games (aka checkers)reading and knitting, will reduce the odds of dementia by 40% if done in your 50's to mid 60's There was no mention of dogs helping anything but your blood pressure, and in Lyle's case, dogs only raise it. Glad Seemore has taken control of you two, I would have been disapointed if he hadn't.

Alisa said...

Another thought provoking post- I can think of several people that might not like me so much. Kind of makes me sad thinking about. I would like to think that nobody thinks ill of me.
I really do wish you were my real-life neighbor!

Alisa said...

Oh- I forgot to ask if Abe was going to Colorado Springs.
You have so many exciting things happening!

Becky said...

I loved this post and read the entire thing out loud to Jeff...he chuckles as I often say to him, "Listen to what Neighbor Jane said". Oh--and he loved the comment you left on my most recent post. :)

How exciting to have the anticipation of Ty coming home!

I love to find the symbolism in novels but even more I like your real-life application...I'll have to think long and hard about that one!

Julie said...

What a good looking boy! We are excited to see him too. Jake can't wait to meet Seemore. He wants a dog so bad. Just don't be one of the couples that gives their dogs sweaters and tells you what they are thinking like they are real people. I'm my own worst critic. I try not to think about those who don't like me and just think about those who do!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

So my husband LOVE famous Daves. the first time I went there I didn't like it much, it had WAY too much BBQ sauce for me. Well we went again this last weekend in Seattle and the Waitor told me to order it "naked" oh my, the place redeemed itself!! I actaully ate all of my rib tips with no sauce because the seasonings they used were SO GOOD!! And I had no idea the first time because it had way too much sauce!! SO if that was your experience too, just order it "naked" next time, YUM!!!

Amy said...

I've been wanting to read that book. And what an interesting concept to attempt to apply that quote to yourself. Oh my. That'll have ME thinking all week.

sheila piper said...

I know that the Lord will miss having Ty serving, but we will love having him in Moses Lake if only for a moment.