Friday, March 20, 2009

Life in My World—A Few for Friday

1. Calvin and I went to a movie tonight. Oh, it was a painful one. I like church. I really like church. But when a movie feels like it lasts as long as two church meetings, well . . . that’s a loooong movie. As we were leaving the theatre Calvin said, “Let’s not tell anybody we saw that movie.” So mum’s the title, but did I mention it was long--painfully long--with a stupid plot? And . . . I have lost the right to choose the next FIVE movies because it was my choice.


2. Our good friend, Aaron, came to stay with us and brought his sister, Stephanie. Aaron is so incredibly good-natured and pleasant and it’s fun to meet Stephanie and visit with her, too. Around noon, Aaron and Stephanie left to visit friends and I went to town to mail Abe’s birthday present. They beat me home and when I returned, I found them doing this:

(This is a 40+ hour job, it's daunting.)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. How humbling. I made them stop but when I turned my back to unload the $1.25-a-pound-pork-chops they started raking again. Luckily Calvin came along shortly and sidetracked them:



Both Stephanie and Aaron are successful hunters and these are two black powder rifles Calvin made this winter. I'm not sure who was the best shot, but they did hit the target every time and all the chickens are still accounted for.


3. The economy may be in the tank, but did you know cotton gloves are still only $.98 cents a pair? They’ve been that same price for years. It doesn’t matter they get holes easily, I still like them. Calvin has offered to get me good leather gloves, but then I would have to keep track of them for twelve years without losing one to make them pay. Not gonna happen, no sir, wouldn't be prudent to give me gloves I can't lose.


(I promise, kids, this is a rare picture of Seemore in the family room, the family rules are still in tact . . . pretty much.)

4. Aaron trains bird dogs. In ten minutes he taught us how to keep Seemore from jumping up on people and how to give back the things he retrieves. On today's walk Seemore found his first stink bug. He sniffed it and flipped it with his nose and promptly threw up. My sentiments exactly. It reminded me of when Cali was a baby. I was at the church decorating for a party and she was sitting on the floor playing with her toys. She wasn't yet crawling, but the stink bugs were on the move. (That church building had hordes of stink bugs . . . just try and keep kids focused on a Sunday school lesson with that distraction.) I had my back turned to Cali, but I could hear her squealing. I turned to see what made her so excited and saw a stink bug half in her mouth and half out. Those long, clingy, tickly legs must have been quite a sensation. And it takes hours for the smell to wear off your breath.


Marie said...

Okay, the raking story just about did me in. Those are some good people right there!

40 hours of raking is insane. I can only imagine the back ache.

Anonymous said...

Surely you have to share the movie title to spare others from the experience!

I love random acts of service, kudos to those two to seizing the moment!

My sister is an accomplished hunter, it is cool to see another women look so confident with a rifle.

I totally agree about the gloves! I would lose an expensive pair in a week and have no problems spending $.98 each year.

hennchix said...

Hmmm...we should talk about the movie P. and I went to see. So I shouldn't regret skipping that one? It was fun to see you and Calvin there.

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

Oh, your Cali and her stink bug story is so gross, it made me squirm! lol
I'm with Hannah - you gott share the title, so I don't make the mistake of even RENTING it!

Barb said...

Have I seen Aaron on your blog before? Did he serve a mission in your area?
I'm not even sure I know what a stink bug is. We get way fewer bugs because of our cold winters (a thin silver lining).

melanie said...

That is my exact reason for not wanting to go to the theater very often. I have to really want to go or I get so bored. I'm looking up really long movies at the theater now so I can figure out this secret movie.

I can imagine almost anyone you've known through the years would want so swing by and see you. (I'd be one of them!) Shooting with you is just a bonus! And their raking for you is a major bonus!!

Susan said...

Jane.... You should have called me.... You know that I'm pretty good with the movies.... I'm always willing to give my opinion... Please. Call me. I'll save you some time and money.

shelly said...

I think he was one of the BEST missionaries we have ever had. You can tell him so. Shelly

Kathy said...

What a great friend, to train your dog. If I had a friend like that, we may have a dog. That is funny that you don't want to keep track of gloves. It looks like they had a great time, raking, shooting and training! How fun for all of you!

Kim Sue said...

raked your yard and trained your those are some good visitors! The Easter bunny usually brings me a cute pair of cotton gardening gloves that I wear out throughout the year doing the little yard work that I do (love that you can throw them in the washer) and i don't feel guilty at all throwing them away the next year when the Easter Bunny delivers a new pair :o)

HeatherM said...

So, during the dutch oven cook-out/lesson, you'll pass on some dog lessons as well, right??

Anonymous said...

We need to introduce Aaron to Rachel. How do we do that? He's single, right?


Nikki said...

oh. my. goodness. I almost threw up at the little story at the end about Cali and the stink bug.

When I see a picture of your dog, it makes me want one. He is very cute. How awesome that Aaron was able to teach him some good discipline. :) I did giggle a little at the part about Seemore discovering the stink bug though.

And about Aaron and Stephanie helping out, my thoughts were: I hope I raise my kids to be that good.

I am completely in agreeance with you on your cheap cotton glove theory.