Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life in My World—Spring in Seattle


Tomorrow is Ray’s birthday so Calvin and I drove over to Seattle yesterday to spend a couple of days with Ray and Cali. We had a great time—the only thing better than having little kids is having big kids. We went to an old school auction, a jerky outlet store, the science center and the docks—the huge cranes that load the ships, the boats, the gulls, the water, it’s all fascinating. Ray and Cali are especially fun to be with and wonderful hosts.

Here’s a short video using a collection of Seattle pictures I’ve taken in the last year or two. Being my first video, it has some glitches--it takes a while to download and it ends abruptly--sorry, I'll get better.


deidra said...

I love the Science Center. Too fun. Looks like a fun time, and happy birthday to Ray!

Becky said...

What fun photos! Artistically speaking, the chipped blue door and the line of seagulls were my favorite. Of course, the man with the "I need beer" sign was pretty humorous...and,um, do I want to know the story behind "delicious pee"?

Looks like you've had some good times in Seattle! :)

Cali said...


That video was so funny. you were right. It took 4 minutes to download and cut off quite sharply. You come over again and we're planning the lighthouse drive. We'll also see you in April for Tulip Festival. I love you. Thanks for coming and being so enthusiastic about what we were excited to show you.

Kelly said...

I can't get your video to play past second 6 for some reason, but I liked what I saw up to that point. You've got me curious about a jerky outlet. Is that like an actual dried meat outlet or were they jerks to you? I'm hoping for your sake it was meat! :)

Lucy said...

I love the idea of the newlyweds hosting. It does make the thought of my boys growing up a little less heartbreaking:)

Julie said...

Great video! I love Pike's Market and all the flowers! I want to eat at the Crumpet Shop. What is a crumpet anyway? Fun!

michelle said...

I love the Science Center! I just love Seattle.

Ande Payne said...


That was cool! I loved seeing what you see in Seattle. I think my favorite was the Milk Cow blues guy...and the moss guy...and your picture of the seagulls. It was just all good Mom. Thanks for putting that together!

I love you!


Rebecca said...

I loved seeing pictures of Pike's Place, it brought back some really fun memories. Terrific job Jane! The pictures I liked were of all the crab and nets.