Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Self Portrait Tuesday—Eight at Eight


WASL testing has changed my schedule this week and so at eight o’clock I sat down with

a spoon
a book
a bowl
hot milk

and was temporarily in seventh heaven.


Lene said...

Well aren't you Miss Smarty-pants...being in 7th heaven.

Great post and it sure looks yum.

jakenapril said...

Hope you had some peace and quiet (in seventh heaven) to devour your book and toast. Great 8 post.

Marie said...

Don't you mean EIGHTH heaven?

That book looks interesting. Do you like it so far?

deidra said...

Are you liking the book? It was my Metro reading last summer. What a life they had!

donna said...

Oh the WASL! We are not fans of the WASL! My poor kids are so stress about taking the WASL.
Enjoy your book.

melanie said...

You are always so clever. Love this post but really, hot milk? I can't imagine that putting me in temporary 7th heaven.

Chris said...

I am not sure what WASL is, but I am guessing they might be our version of SOL, which are not fun. Good for you, carving out some time for yourself. :-)

Ande Payne said...

Yuck. I'm glad you liked it though.

I liked the clever puns. You are so cute Mom. I'm glad you get most of this week off.

michelle said...

Huh. Sorry to say I can't say the same about your milk toast, Jane, but I do enjoy eating with a book nearby.

Jill said...

Cute one Jane!

Jenny said...

That actually looks rather tasty!

Date Girl said...

Is this a southern meal thing? I'm from California, and I have never heard of hot milk/toast. I might have to try it. I like to put cake in cold milk, and everyone thinks I'm nuts. ;-)

Kim Sue said...

:o) for the post
:o) for quiet time with a book
:o( with milk toast