Sunday, May 3, 2009

52 Blessings—Freedom

The more eloquent and powerful the topic, the worse my writing is. I really wish I could do this topic justice because I’m just so grateful for it this week. Nonetheless, here is my less than profound and very juvenile attempt to tell you my thoughts on freedom.

Freedom is like air. It’s easy to take for granted.

Freedom is like a trout. It’s hard to hold.

Freedom is like a pair of shoes. It takes me where I want and need to go in style.

Freedom is like school. It gives me knowledge.

Freedom is like jewelry. It has an expensive price tag.

Freedom is like the Red Cross. It requires blood.

Freedom is like parents. It’s a God-given right.

Freedom is like the family dog. It provides security.

Freedom is like grandchildren. It’s one generation’s gift to another.

Freedom is like gunpowder. It is forceful and exciting.

Freedom is like a greenhouse. It gives me a climate in which to thrive.

Freedom is like love. It is easier to feel than describe.

Freedom is like infinity. It should never end.

How would you fill in the blanks?

"Freedom is like ______ because ______."


Jenny said...

Gosh, there are so many thing. Loved this post Jane!

Lucy said...

I am really going to try your challenge. I think freedom is like music. You have rather simple elements that with some inspiration, drive and creativity can turn into endless possibilities. I'm constantly amazed that essentially seven notes (plus sharps and flats) make up all the music in the world. Freedom is like that. It is an essentially simple thing but its what we do with it that fascinates me. I've written about five different circles but they all go in circles. Basically, I'm trying to say, but completely unable to contain in a simple sentence, is that creation stems from freedom.

Oh...I thought this would be more satisfying. And I don't have a cute picture to go with it either:) Thanks for the thoughts.

Kathy said...

Freedom is like Paradice, because we all want to be there! (Lame, I know!)You amaze me with how profound you are!

Anonymous said...

Freedom is like a clean kitchen (bathroom/car/garage). Desirable and satisfying but you have to do the work to keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

ps- can you tell what I have been doing today :)

HeatherM said...

Here we go:

Freedom is like the Mongolian Grill - everyone's interpretation is different, and in the end, I always like my own interpretation the best.

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

Freedom is like good oxygen, because you need good quality from both to survive and achieve your goals.
(okay, maybe a little lame, but I'm trying to help kids with homework in the process)