Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Homemaking Tip—A Bit of This and a Bit of That


Today my good friends, Shelly, and her daughter, Michelle, hosted a bridal shower for Grace. It was such a generous gesture and very much appreciated . . . as well as to all who came. One of the activities Shelly planned was for Grace to make a cake with the women’s help. All of the ingredients were on the counter and Grace asked us what and how much to put in. Collective cakes aren’t quite as beautiful as cookbook cakes, but it didn’t turn out too bad! For dessert, Shelly served a wonderful mint ice cream with chocolate sauce and oreo crust dessert. (She had originally made carrot cake for the shower, but decided it wasn’t pretty enough to serve so she sent it home with us. Oh my goodness, it was incredible—so moist, so rich and definitely pretty, however the ice cream dessert was really good, too, so we were doubly and richly served.)


Thanks to Nesha, Brenda and Katrina for preserving the Minnie-Pearl-style-hat-made-of-a-paper-plate-and-the-ribbons-from-the-gifts for the bride. Katrina even rolled ribbon roses for it and yes, that is the extra fine detail of ribbon stapled to the edge of the white tissue paper veil that you see. You get a group of women together and watch the creativity flow.


Grace was so appreciative and excited she came right home and showed Abe and Calvin all the gifts that they have received. I hope the tradition of bridal showers never dies, for it is as Shelly says, “Showers are a way for the older women to reach out and pull the younger women into the friendship circle of women.” I am so grateful to the women through the years who have pulled me into a circle of friendship and do the same for others.

Homemaking Tip: I thought I could keep my pinks straight but when I’m faced with a rack of coral, pale, cherry blossom, carnation, pastel, salmon, fuchsia, baby and magenta dresses, buckets of flowers or bolts of fabric, I can no longer remember what peony pink really looks like. So at Cali’s suggestion, Grace and I went to Home Depot and picked up a few paint swatches of her wedding colors and now anyone can match peony pink anytime, anywhere.

Did you wear a paper-plate hat at your bridal shower?


deidra said...

I didn't get a ribbon hat. Hmmm.

But we were awash with paint chips to keep the colors straight!

Kim Sue said...

Here the bows are typically made into the bouquet for the stand-in bride to carry during the rehearsal.

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

Yeah - mine wasn't a hat. It was the "practice" boquet for the rehearsal. Same idea, though!

Carolyn said...

I did wear a ribbon hat! And it was pretty.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I still can't get over how BEAUTIFUL Grace is. I just come to your blog to stare...I hope that is not weird!! You know how you sometimes see those people that you seriously just have to stare at and wonder how on earth they can be and look so beautiful?! Grace is just one of those people for me...I know this is making me sound like a super weirdo stalker...I promise I am not! I am not sure how Abe is going to be able to get anything done...doesn't he just want to stare at her all day!!!

Julie said...

I did have a hat and a toilet paper dress designed by the women at the shower (while I stood there and let them make it). I love showers! The cake idea was great! Brenda and Katrina were at my shower too! 20 years ago. How time flies! Were Calvin and Abe appropriately excited by all the gifts?

michelle said...

I love that description of a shower. So true.

The paint chip idea is brilliant!