Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thinking--One Blind Eye and One Deaf Ear

the Eiffel Tower mirrored in Ande's eye

My Children’s Literature teacher taught that the best mothers have one blind eye and one deaf ear. My interpretation was that mothers shouldn’t hover too closely, interfere too often, believe everything they see and hear. What I didn’t know then is that mothers would also need to save an eye and an ear so that they could see and hear with brightness the things their children would later share.

I have loved seeing life through our kids' eyes through the years. I have especially enjoyed seeing the sights and hearing the sounds and feeling the feelings of Europe through Ande’s eyes this week.

What is something you've enjoyed seeing through someone else's eyes?


Nikki said...

What a neat picture! I especially enjoy watching my children discover things that I remember discovering as a small child. There's something about the way a child looks at life that helps you learn to really live.

Ande Payne said...

Aww thanks Mom. Thanks for letting me talk, and talk, and talk. I love you.

Whidget said...

i love your blog!


Anonymous said...

Hearing my childrens version of moving alot over the last few years. Seeing the beautiful things they draw and write.

Love you blog.

michelle said...

What a great photo!!

My favorite thing to see through someone else's eyes is Max's photography. I love to see what he sees, particularly when we've been in the same place and his viewpoint is completely different!