Sunday, July 12, 2009

52 Blessings—Reruns

Cali and Ray feeding Houdini, the turtle, worms~the temple doors~Calvin, Ty, Abe exiting the airport~Ande

Last night I rocked in the rocking chair on the patio and watched Calvin change the water. The sprinklers made their ka-swish sound, the birds made their evening calls, but after all the visiting and hullabaloo of the last two months it was awful quiet . . . and lonely.

And then, I remembered some of the facial expressions I’d seen in the last few weeks and I smiled. And then, I thought of some of the things we’d done and I smiled some more. And then, I thought of some of the words that had been said and I smiled even more. And then, and then . . . after I’d watched a series of mental re-runs I was no longer lonely, but felt extremely blessed.

*I also like Andy Griffith re-runs, but that's beside the point.


michelle said...

What a wonderful kind of re-run! I think I'll give that a try.

Marie said...

You wonderful lady. Way to look at the positive.

Emma J said...

Jane, I've told my daughters about your son's wedding dinner - hands down one of the most pleasant I've been to in a long time. We've been imagining how we could make such a sweet night when it's their turn. I'm afraid tho the pleasantness had more to do with the spirit you and yours bring to it than to any of the outward arrangements!

Kathy said...

You do have a full life. Hearing sprinklers make the Krish Krish (or how ever you said it) is one of lives simple pleasures and then to add special memories, well THAT my friend it living!


Jane...I am thankful that your blog goes with me to Utah!!! I love the way you think. You lift me!!! When I am in the wild Utah traffic...I will look forward to your stories of the "quiet farm life" and smile!!! !Consider yourself hugged

Jill said...

Mental re-runs, that's a good name for waxing nostalgic. I'm so glad you have so many good ones to think about.