Friday, July 10, 2009

Life in My World—Abridged Version

Ray was sad when he realized we forgot to make a sign for Ty coming home from his mission so Cali went in the bathroom and made him toilet paper/paper towel banners. Improvising is one of our family's best talents. What's a talent your family has?

1. Remember that hen that wanted to hatch some eggs? Hmmm, I think I misunderstood her. She just wants to pretend, kind of like playing dolls. Twice I’ve gone out there and her eggs were cold as rocks. I threw the nest of eggs out and am not thinking twice ever again about stealing from her. Ande said the blog world will not want to know this, but I think someone somewhere will wonder whatever happened to that hen’s eggs.

2. I do not have a cell phone anymore. It is mostly a very liberating feeling. We play rotating phones around our house—I start with one and then when one of the kids needs it it then becomes their phone. When another child needs a phone we see who needs one least and redistribute. With few exceptions we’ve passed around all the cell phone numbers and you have to remember who has which number this year. I think we’re finally through passing them around and I suppose I’ll get another one in a few months, but for now it feels good not to be responsible for one.

3. Our garden is popping. I love being able to go outside and have it be like going to the grocery store without having to park, dress up, pay or walk down the freezing meat aisle.

4. Yesterday I called Calvin and invited him on a date. It was one of my best planned ones ever—dinner and an art presentation by a local artist. I really, really wanted to attend. I thought the lecture started at 7:00, but when no one showed up I thought we had the wrong location. We drove to three other locations with no artist and no lecture. I supposed I had gotten the wrong date so we came home. I looked it up again when we got home and discovered the lecture started at 7:30, not 7:00. And now I know why I am never early. It only makes things complicated.

5. Life in My World—Unabridged Version is in this week’s newsletter. You’re welcome to read about it here.


Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

Jane - I love life in your world. Your family is talented at welcoming people - that's for sure - whether welcoming them home, to dinner, or a scrap retreat - you are a truly gifted bunch.

Kay Scott said...

Hi Jane,
I've been a regular reader for a long time now, but have never commented before. My talented DIL, Amy Scott, who has such cute boys and makes such amazing cakes, among other things, told me I would love you and your good advice and timely tips and how you are down to earth and good at so many things, and she was right. I love your blog and your newsletter. You were correct about readers in blogland wanting to know about your setting chicken. We have just gone thru that with one of our hens, and we have found you have to put them in "solitary confinement" to break them. We have a good sized dog kennel, and about 3 days in there away from the coop and they are back to normal. We give them plenty of food and water, and keep them in a cool place, but don't let them out for 3 days. I am laughing at myself that it was a chicken that got me out of my anonymity, because I have admired you for so long. I have used newsletter topics for FHE and loved getting to know you thru your blog. You are truly an example of Christlike living. Thanks for letting me peek in sometimes. (Sorry about the crazy, long comment.)
Kay Scott, Mesa, AZ

Marie said...

I am glad you included the chicken part, if only to meet Kay through her comment.

A popping garden is a blessing indeed. My peas are covered in flowers right now and I am getting excited.

lelly said...

i loved your newsletter this week - you look fabulous in pink!!

lelly said...

i second marie, "hi, kay!"

Ande Payne said...

Mom I love you and your blog. Thanks for having a good life and letting me be an integral part. I think I am an integral part, anyway. Point is, I love you.

Jill said...

I love the toilet paper homecoming banner, how clever and funny!

I'm glad you wrote about the chicken playing dolls, that's interesting to me.

I only use my cell phone when I'm out and about, so it stays off most of the time and I like it that way.

We had to drop out of our ward garden because of our long trip in June, so there's no outdoor shopping for us.

That's too bad about the lecture mishap, was Calvin kind of glad to miss it?

Jill said...

I just checked out the unabridged version of life in your world and thought it was great! The pictures are especially fun and I think you look beautiful in pink!

michelle said...

Improvising is a great talent! I am not so good at that. I guess I'd say cooking is the most prominent talent in my family. That and singing.

I am glad you wrote about the hen, too. Very interesting!

I am glad also to have a good reason for never being early... I'm going to borrow that one.