Sunday, October 25, 2009

52 Blessings—Trent

Crisa, Trent, Kiara

Trent is the family memory bank for the little details . . .

When he was four or five we were hiking in the Arizona dessert. After we’d seen scorpions and rattlesnakes, Trent suggested we pray. Important detail. I rode the coattails of his faith the rest of the day and never got more than a foot away from him.

One day when Trent was nine or ten someone assigned the kids Indian names while they were playing. I had forgotten all about those funny names until recently when Trent addressed Cali by her’s. Out of nowhere, 20 years later. I have no doubt he remembers the other kids’ names too.

About that same time the kids decided to throw me a birthday party. It was taking them too long to string popcorn for decorations so Trent suggested they stretch a piece of tape across the living room and stick the popcorn to it. I walked into a living room clear full of criss-crossed popcorn tape stretched from one side to the other. He didn’t forget the minor detail of homemade confetti to throw over Calvin and me when we walked through the door, either.

Now years later as a dad, Trent still pays attention to the little details: he can braid little girls’ hair with the best of them, insists his kids use good manners and lotions the baby so she smells nice.

One of the best details in Trent’s world now is his new wife, Crisa, and baby Kiara. I love Trent and Crisa and their new combined family (Elexus, Ethan, Breña and Kiara) and the new details they add to each others' and our lives.


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Well, he seems like a great guy! How lucky you are to have him!!

Cali said...

That's right. My indian name was Cali-Long-Hair. You nailed it mom. Trent is the "Keeper of the Details" in our family. He knows just when to pull them out too.

Okay, back to my LOOOONG chore list. I just needed a small reward for all my hard work so far.


Ande Payne said...

Do you think I had an indian name? I can't remember. And you are right, if anyone would it would be Trent. I do, however, getting a piggy-back ride the whole way across the pool from him (the long ways). Good brother indeed.

Jill said...

I love it that you "rode the coattails of his faith the rest of the day" what a compliment to him.

Grace said...

I laughed out loud when reading the popcorn story. I remember you teling it to me and I think it's way funny. I'm impressed he knows how to braid hair!

michelle said...

I love that he braids hair and lotions the baby! And remembers everything, that is truly impressive to me. And I agree with Jill, you paid him a huge compliment by riding the coattails of his faith.