Friday, October 23, 2009

Life in My World--Five Fun Things for Friday

1. I got this in the mail from Julie. Julie was Ty’s host mom the first two years he went to the Air Force Academy before she and her family moved to Norway on assignment. Julie is an incredibly talented individual. It doesn’t matter whether she is organizing the masses, catering a meal, or decorating a home, Julie does it all with extraordinary flair. Julie also collects Polish pottery. After reading this post, Julie knew I wanted a fun pitcher for serving syrup, so when she went to Poland she bought me not only this darling pitcher but the matching saucer. I am simply delighted and happy and grateful she would do this.

2. I got an e-mail from Hoe Se Sing, my Health 101 partner at BYU-Hawaii. I swear I was a good foot taller than Jimmy (his Christian name) and he was much wiser. Sister Swapp (who repaired her broken eyeglasses with band-aids) taught the class. Jimmy says he remembers jogging at 6:00 am, that I was much taller, and my "distinctive" voice. It was very kind of him not to remember me as the one who always fell asleep in class. Sister Swapp would occasionally take us to the gym for relaxing exercise on the floor mats during class. First she’d have us flex our toes, hold for five seconds, then relax them. Next she’d have us flex the muscles in our feet, then the muscles in our calves, then . . . well, I heard she had us flex all the way up to our brains but I never made it that far because I was sound asleep long before then. One day Jimmy said, “Jane, it’s so embarrassing. We’re not supposed to go to sleep, we’re just supposed to relax.” Then he paused and nicely said, “And, you snore.” Oh ho, Hoe Se Sing, you were a great partner! One time after relaxing exercises I woke up and I was the only one left in the gym and the lights were off. Even Sister Swapp and Jimmy were gone.

Jimmy has since returned to Singapore and is married with a family of his own. It was so fun to hear an update from him.

3. We have a scrapbook retreat coming up in a few weeks. Here is the location:

and here is a sample of one day’s menu:

~Orange Juice, Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes, Crisp Bacon, Breakfast Bakeries,
~Penne and Prawn Carbonara, Suncadia House Salad, Rolls and Butter, Assorted Miniature Desserts
~Tossed Green Salad, Grilled Top Sirloin, Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Seasonal Fruit Tart

Fun indeed. We still have a spot or two left if you'd like to join us.

4. Not all at this exact minute, but generally speaking . . . Ande is in Utah wedding dress shopping with her best friend and her best friend’s mother, Ty got tickets to Wicked and is organizing a date (not an easy task at the academy), Cali is making ghost cake-balls for two Halloween parties, Ray is flying home from meetings, Abe is driving Abram’s tanks, Grace is volunteering for the Red Cross, and . . .

Calvin said he's cooking supper tonight for our date (he just called to say what he's cooking and goulash it's not).

5. I've also been in contact with a good friend from high school, Rhonda, this week. We were teammates, biology partners (her petite, skilled hands and smart brain were valuable resources to our dissecting worms and frogs partnership) as well as friends. It's been really fun to be in contact with her again.

What's fun in your world?


Lori said...

Please let me know about the next retreat....this one is right when Quinn, Danielle, Tyler and Em are coming.... but i really want to come to one!!!

deidra said...

We decided against going out tonight, bought frozen chicken chow mein at the grocery store, rented a Redbox movie and have had a very low-key night at home, in our pajamas!

I'm thinking about hosting a last-minute Halloween party. Nothing gets my blood pumping like thinking about hosting a party!

Darla said...

Garlic Potatoes!!! Oh no Jane!!!
(I'm sure they will be great) *lol*

Kim Sue said...

wow! your world is filled with fun!

Barb said...

I love your new pitcher, but I still hope you stick to your subversive grandchildren-rooster pitcher plan.

Emma J said...

I don't scrapbook but I think I'd start just to go on retreat there - wow! You do have some fun. Fun here is apples and autumn color on Hood River. (You want to trade? At least until the apples are all cut up and put in the dehydrator?)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

my fun consists of snuggling a chubby little boy!!!!

and the not so fun, changing a million diapers, oh and having the "little boy" opperation done if you know what i mean! (i sat in the waiting room, and could hear him scream, I almost lost it)!

Cali said...

Moooooooooooommmmmm, I didn't make GHOST cake balls. I made MUMMIES. And, as with ALL cake balls, only half turned out. I need a chocolate tempering machine.

You got a snort/laugh out of me when you reminded me that one time in your health class, you fell asleep and when you woke up the lights were out. Ha ha ha. How very much you. One of my favorite memories about coming home is you waiting up for us (kids)... by waiting up I mean you didn't actually get in bed, but you were always FAST asleep on the couch (and difficult to arrouse).

I love you mom, but they were mummies- not ghosts.

Becky said...

I will not covet...I really, really, really want to take one of those spots at the retreat!

Crossing my fingers that I'll make it to the next one :)

Loved hearing what everyone is busy doing right now!

Becky said...

P.P.S. Fun in my world this coming week: pumpkin carving, a preschool Halloween party, taking my five little ones trick-or-treating, reading some new books (a trip to the library tomorrow!), and making time to scrapbook.

Miller Family said...

Oh, I can't wait for retreat. That menu peak is making me hungry. See you in a couple of weeks.

Donna Chapin said...

Oh I love your 5 Fun Things - Friday.
What a wonderful gift to get especially remembered on a trip.
Catching up with old friends is always a highlight for me.
I can't wait until the retreat (oh no, that means I need to get ready). Mmmmm the menu sounds yummy and the best part we don't have to cook.
Rayme, Michelle and I went to Wicked and we all throughly enjoyed it. To bad Ty is in another state - I know some cute girls that would love to go.

Grace said...

Your hair is getting so long.. It's WAY cute! You are so pretty!:) Seeing that picture of where you're having the retreat, makes me want to go so, so back. And seeing the menu made my mouth start watering. Ugghh!

Grace said...
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Lucy said...

That's all fun! Your scrapbook retreat looks like a little slice of heaven. I hope you have the good time that you deserve. At least you'll have good eats!

Jay makes goulash a lot when he's in charge of dinner. I can understand your excitement.

michelle said...

What a lot of wonderful things! I especially love your new pitcher/saucer and the fact that you know what everyone in your family is up to.

I always love your memories. You too have a gift of remembering.