Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Timely Tuesday

Our school newspapers always had a “Seen and Heard” section. Our community newspaper had one, too. Call it the tabloid section in a paper of hard journalism reporting high school basketball scores, editorials, and new rules instituted in the lunch room.

Today I “seen and heard” a wide variety of things, things I just don’t see and hear every day:

  • A middle aged couple walking down the sidewalk holding hands.

  • A streaker. He was standing outside in the cold with nothing on but his shoes, socks, and a smile. (I haven’t seen one of these since the ‘70’s.)

  • A box of Legacy Chocolates on our kitchen counter.

  • An 84 year old woman affectionately call her 85 year old husband, “Babe.”

  • A high school senior say, “I haven’t been to Denny’s since you came and busted me for skipping (four years ago).”

  • A caller asking me to consider that the 9-1-1 attacks were a government conspiracy.

  • "Happy Valentine’s Day! I know it’s early, but the chocolates are fresh today and they might not be so fresh by Valentine’s Day.”

What did you see and hear today?
Up next week: Tuesday Tidbits


deidra said...

I heard some of the most adorable tidbits from the 4 year-old nephew's mouth.

"I think Aunt Deid should just spend the night here." (This all happened at about 3:00 this afternoon)

When told that I would probably prefer to go home and spend the night with Uncle Chris (after he'd refused me his bed and suggested a sleeping bag) he said, "But you're not his niece." No boy, I'm not!

And a "Oh, Aunt Deid!" Said in the most admiring/ I think you're so funny tone of voice. I'm officially in love with a little boy.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I saw saw my child try to fold laundry and wipe the toilet with a rag. She is pretty good at copying.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the picture of the Chocolates and not the streaker! (I just had to say that!!!!!)

melanie said...

My funniest 'heard' today was when Dane came in from playing and said, 'I want some of what you are making, it smells good.' Sadly it was the wax I was burning (caramel spice), he was so let down it wasn't a treat.

A streaker, huh? That's really out of the ordinary in small town, will it make the paper? :)

Deanna/Mimi said...

My mouth is watering for your box of chocolates. Too bad you can't email them or just make it so we can pick them out of your blog site. What an interesting day you had. Better take a pair of "blinders" with you next time you are outside and about. Love your blog Jane. Hugs.

Nikki said...

Eek! a streaker?! w E i R d.

Everything else made me smile-- well not the gov't conspiracy one. lol

My three youngest are sick today. Actually they're all sick-- but the three youngest are really sick. And my Hammy is a sweet mellow little cuddler when sick. There's no Gremlin about him when he's not feeling well. He was asking so sweetly in his little orphan-beggar way for a drink of "Nuk" as he calls milk, when Danny asked him to get his crocs (sandals) on. He was through the roof excited that his Daddy was going to be taking him somewhere. I guess you had to be there. It was sweet.

Nikki said...

P.S. Danny was taking him to the doctor.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

one thing I saw today was a little girl that came in from outside and asked for a wipe to wash the dirt off of her toy, but then as she walked back outside Charley, the dog, swiped it out of her hand so fast...I started laughing and she started screaming at him. I thought it was pretty comical but she didn't!!!

I also saw a LOT of boogers today...Yuck we are all snotty nosed here!

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

I saw a girl selling Girl Scout cookies, and heard my tummy rumbling at the sight.

bBchronicles said...

Hi Jane ! ! ! !
I LOVE this post - how fun! I think I might do this on my blog - such a great idea - and I'll give you ALL THE CREDIT!!!!!

THANKS SO MUCH for dropping by so often - I LOVE having your visit - you're always so sweet and kind! ! ! Come by ANY OLD TIME!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

oh yeah, I heard something about your little family yesterday too...:)

Becky said...

A streaker?!

And, seriously, another conspiracy theory?

Sounds like an interesting day! :)

michelle said...

No way, a streaker! And in the cold, too? Interesting choice.

I quite enjoy seeing old people in love. My grandparents are prime examples.

Today I heard Eva playing two instruments at once (drum and xylophone). Bet you're jealous! Actually right now I'm listening to Marc practice the songs he's learning for the Young Ambassadors reunion fireside this Sunday. I'd like to hear that every day.

Alisa said...

The streaker one is making me crack up!
I heard my kids laugh.
I heard the sound of broken glass.
I heard one little boy proclaim that he wished he could fly.
I heard someone say I don't love you anymore.
Then quickly change his mind.

I too love seeing people older than me in love. Holding hands melts me.