Sunday, May 23, 2010

52 Blessings—Etc.

An English teacher once said et cetera was lazy and should never be used. She said if we had more to say we should write or say it, not wave it off with et cetera. Our teacher must never have felt like I do today—so many blessings, so many great things, no way to capture it all, etc.—or she would have encouraged it.

Modern technology, computers, etc. Trevor called and Ty and Abe both skyped us this morning. Cali sent an e-mail saying, “We are doing GREAT! I'm not stressing out about not having a plan and Ray doesn't get annoyed when I ask what we're doing next. It has been WONDERFUL.” I also got a couple of e-mails from cousin Erma about an upcoming reunion and niece Bridget about cookie baskets.

People who use their time, talents, etc., to bless others’ lives. Viki crocheted Grace and Abe some little white baby booties and a little white blanket with pearls weaved into the border. They are absolutely precious. I listened to uplifting talks, lessons, musical numbers, etc. today at church. Last night we went to a reception and saw the beautiful red quilt that the mother-of-the-groom had sewn for the couple and ate the refreshments she’d made.

I love the instant communication, connection, etc. that is available from modern blessings today, and also the wake of blessings I enjoy from the ripples that people using their time, talents, etc. make. Truly, so much for which to be grateful today.


hennchix said...

Oh Jane! It was truly a priveledge! Thank you and Grace for allowing me to show how much I care about you all.

Lucy said...

Who knew "etc." could contain so much power and honor?

Jane, of course.

Lovely thoughts.

michelle said...

I love your attitude, Jane. I do believe you can find meaning and blessings in anything and everything.

Jill said...

I'm never going to look at et cetera the same way again!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

That baby is SO loved! What a blessing.