Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life in My World from A-Z

Abba’s been on repeat.

Beans all popped up in the garden. It was old, old seed, but it’s the best and I can’t get anymore of it so we were worried. Shouldn’t have been. Best stand of beans yet.

C on an assignment. The instructor asked if I wanted to do it over because she thought I must not have understood the directions. C is okay. My expectations are much different for me than they were for the kids. I’m almost ready to believe F stands for finished-it-at-least.

Double rainbows—full ones. One was so brilliant it glowed and all of the colors were visible. Incredible. I had never seen one (make that two) like it. Ande and Grace both gasped when we saw it and whispered almost simultaneously, “Thank you Heavenly Father!” It was that impressive.

Emptied the back seat of the car by returning books to the library and only brought one home, The Help.

Frogs are croaking long and loud at night. It’s fun to go to sleep listening to them.

Ground wheat and made four and a half loaves of wheat bread and four loaves of white bread.

Haircut. Happy day.

Ironing. Lots of ironing.

Jogging. Still hate it. I do it for the walk-high afterward. (Well, that and so I can eat more.)

Killdeer eggs hatched, except one. Grace asked, “Does the mother know?”

Lunch and scrapbooking with Grace, and Susan, and Susan’s daughters, Meg and Lilly. I’m doing a dog book for Trevor. Didn’t think I’d ever do a dog book, but Rusty died a few months ago and Trevor asked me to make a book of him. Never say never. Susan is running a marathon soon. I can safely say I’ll never do that.

Michelle Rogge made me a gathering apron. It is wonderful and the fabric is darling (vegetables and chicken wire). This is going to be fancy—no more using my dress hem or shirt as a basket for garden vegetables or eggs.

No word from Cali and Ray. I’m hoping that means they are safe and sound in the jungle. (Is there a jungle in Belize?)

Olive Garden lunch with Kristy, Grace’s sister, and her husband

Perinatologist and ultrasound appointment for Grace and Clara. No new news except that Clara continues to grow.

Quart of whipping cream is in the fridge so that Ande can make crème brulee this afternoon.

Ribs are on the grill. Calvin is one great barbecue-er.

Spaceship broke down, needs repaired” was the sign of a homeless man in Spokane. I think he truly believed it was. Several of us stopped to help fix it.

Time waits for no man. I’ve struggled all week with being late.

Unnecessary pictures were taken. Sometimes Ty teases me about what pictures are on the blog, “Asparagus? Really? Mom, you posted a picture of asparagus?” Today’s picture-less post is dedicated to Ty.

Visker, our neighbor, told me a funny story on the ditch bank this morning about his grandkids.

Water heater is fixed.

Xanthic dandelions are popping out. Ande was rocking in the chair on the patio this morning so I picked one for her just like she used to for me. I wish someone wouldn’t have called them a weed a long time ago.

Year of school is nearly over. It’s been a great year.

Zesty Italian sausage is what Ande used to make the best tortellini soup Friday night.

And that's my week from A-Z.


Barb said...

xanthic is a new word for me - well done on a difficult letter
and i think you are lucky to have a neighbour with a name that begins with v

Alisa said...

Ironing? Me too!

I loved the c, and your definition of "F!"

Jill said...

I'm so impressed you were able to use all the letters, I'll have to try this some time.

I love this--"I’m almost ready to believe F stands for finished-it-at-least."

I would love to see that beautiful double rainbow!

I'm glad Clara is still growing.

The spaceship needing repair sign would have been amusing to see, I would have helped too.

There's nothing wrong with posting pictures of asparagus!

Donna Chapin said...

Yes Jane, there are jungles in Belize. That is where we went to see some Mayan ruins at. It was awesome.

deidra said...

I hope you really like The Help. Chris and I enjoyed sharing it.

You week sounds so full, and of such great things. What a blessing.

Deanna/Mimi said...

Jane, are you sure your name is not Erma Brombeck?

What a gift you have of your writings. Fantastic. I enjoyed all 26 letters of it!

Not only are you talented in the writing department but you also have a gift that needs to be bottled and sold! That is your unbelievable energy.

I love your blog and look forward to the "treat" it has become for me and I am sure others.

Carry on dear have the admiration of many.

michelle said...

I love this!

Oh how I miss home-grown beans. Damn dog.

I wish I could have seen that double rainbow!

Loved The Help.

I didn't realize that your grandbaby already had a name! A beautiful name.

I happen to love pictures of asparagus.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Oh, I adore you.
I miss my Grace and I am so glad that she has you.

Becky said...

Once again, you've written another great post! :)

I hope you like "The Help" (there's only one scene that I would skip entirely)--let me know what you think.

Glad to hear that Clara is growing...Grace's question about the bird's egg made me tear up.

Love double rainbows, dandelions, and aprons--so much goodness in one post!

Ande Payne said...

I love you. A-Z.

Michelle said...

what a wonderful a-z post. You always inspire me in your posts but sometimes one touches me more and this one did just that.

Samantha said...

I read "The Help" from cover to cover yesterday. It was great. I think you'll really like it.