Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

A few things which made today terrific:

Legacy Chocolates. Brenda and Nesha were dipping today so Ande and I ran over and got some caramel/almond/dark chocolates, cashew toffee dipped in white chocolate with toasted coconut, cherry nut chocolates, and caramel. Do you have any idea how heavenly it is to live among corn and potato fields and within walking distance to a quality hand-dipped chocolate shop? Remember that swimming pool I wrote about yesterday that we were so sad to leave? If we’d have known a chocolate shop was in the wings we wouldn’t have felt so bad leaving it.

Conversation. Cleavages, chocolate, marriage, shopping, body shapes—they’re all a part of chocolate shop talk.

Leftovers. Mashed potatoes, roast, gravy, chocolate sauce, ice cream, tortellini soup—it’s a virtual restaurant today.

Surprises. Today I watched a dad surprise his sixteen year old son with an ice cream birthday cake in class. The boy literally ran and tackled his dad with a big hug. I’m not sure who was happier.

Dare I hope that ours will look like Cali and Ray's someday?

Free and Floral. Friends are adding on to their home and pulled out their three rhododendrons to make room. The bushes are sitting in a tub on our picnic table waiting to be planted. I’m hoping we can keep them alive.

Balance.  I balanced our checkbook today and the cents matched.  I lost a dollar somewhere, but at least the cents match.

What made your day terrific?


deidra said...

That chocolate sounds amazing. Today I nibbled a bit of my mother's day chocolate from church (mint melt). Local chocolates are so great.

The chocolate shop talk sounds like a normal conversation around the dinner table with all sisters! ;-)

Making an offer on a house today, and knowing we have a back-up I'd be equally glad to live in-- that's what made me happy today! (Hope I discover a chocolate shop in the neighborhood!)

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I am also a little jealous of the chocolate. Today I took a nap and it was so heavenly!

Marie said...

That is indeed, a terrific day. Especially the chocolate shop and shop talk. Oh yes. Terrific.

Oh how I would love to surprise our teenage children with an icecream cake in class. Help me remember, okay?

And the picture of Ande in your last post is too much! Love!


Stacy is here with her husband & 2 daughters. I love FAMILY!!! I love reading about yours too. I could SWIM in CHOCOLATE!!! :)

michelle said...

No, I have no idea how heavenly it is to be within walking distance to a quality chocolate shop. But I sure would like to find out!

The story of the dad and the ice cream cake makes me wish my boys had their birthdays during the school year!

I love leftovers.

Lynn said...

The temple at the 5:30 a.m. session. It's the best. There's nothing to clutter up my brain at that hour. The channels are all open. Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

Jane, I hate to tell you this but your flowers will never look like Ray and Cali's--they live on the west side and lets be honest, they grow like they are on steriods over there! But ahhhhh, the chocolate!

Carolyn said...

My day was terrific when a student told me (more than once!) "Miss Carolyn, you are a great teacher"

How cute is that?

Jill said...

It sounds like a rather stellar day for you.

Mine was good, but I'm feeling so tired now that I'm ready to forget today and move into getting to tomorrow.

The Bead Lady said...

What made my day today was getting an email from Ty! Sounds like he is doing well and having fun. We miss him a lot....only six more weeks :)