Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life in My World—Random Is as Random Does

Our keyboard and mouse died—they’ve been sucking air for several months I just didn’t know how badly until we got new ones yesterday. The new mouse zips from corner to corner and the keyboard only needs one dainty, light touch—no more pounding on “t” twice. Enough about keyboards and mice, sufficeth me to say I can post again.

This has been our weather of late. My neighbor brought her grandsons over to gather eggs a couple of days ago and later I went to her house to hear her nine year old grandson play his fiddle/violin. He’s really quite incredible and it was a wonderful personal recital.  After he’d played a few songs he sat down on the piano bench and began a discussion about the “cumulous clouds we’ve been experiencing.” It was a delightful conversation. Our cloud displays really have been quite fascinating.

Trevor, Michelle, and the girls came and stayed several days. They stopped in Montana to pick up a new dog on the way. His name is Ryker and he likes to watch ants.

Head:  Ray
Nose:  Trevor, Cortney, Cali, Grace
Hand:  Joe, Ande, Calvin, Nikki, Michelle

While Trevor & Co. were here we went to Seattle to see Ray and Cali. Among many stops, one was to see the troll under the bridge. What a funny way to use your talents to make the world just a little bit better—put a troll under a bridge.

I braided a “faith, hope, charity” bracelet the other day. I need to wear it at least five more days. It’s driving me a bit batty, I don’t think I’ve worn one since grade-school, but the weight of cutting the threads of charity, hope, and faith before their time is heavier than wearing it.

Friday Grace and I attended my niece’s graduation ceremony. She received her master’s degree in social work. I am extremely proud of her. Though I didn’t think to take a picture of us, I did think to take a picture of the man shading his bald head with a handkerchief that sat across the aisle from us.

A friend gave us four gift certificates to Golden Corral. Each one was for $13.68.  How very thoughtful to include a drink.  We used them this week.  And then last night we came home from my niece's graduation to find fresh whipped cream and strawberries in the fridge and brown sugar cake on a plate on the counter from another friend.  Again, how very thoughtful. Some people just do the right things at the right times. I’m grateful for people like that. 

I dropped my breakfast this week. I have no idea how high the fiber count of gravel is when added to wheat and peanut butter, all I know is I had my camera in my hand so I took a picture.  It's not every day you eat gravel for breakfast.

One of my friends is running a marathon. Hands down this band-aid "God speed . . . " tag is one of the better ones I've ever made.

Okay.  I'm off.  It's Saturday and fast keyboard or not there is still a house to clean and a garden to weed and clothes to iron and more random to gather . . .


Elizabeth said...

The band aid tag would be great on a get well soon basket too. Glad your having some fun!

Lucy said...

I wish I would have thought of the band-aid tag. I'll have to use it in the future...because I know certain people in my family will be running a few more.

Laughed out loud at the comment about the picture of the bald man at graduation. That is exactly my photo taking history. I seem to miss some of the bigger stuff, but I love catching the little glimpses in life that make me smile.

Kathy said...

OK, now that was random! I like the dog who likes to watch ants, and you not passing judgment! It is strange enough that you eat a whole wheat peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, but to pick it up off the gravel and eat it, now that is impressive, girl. I also think the "God Speed" bandage is an amazing gift card. Cleaver girl. Your life is full, how do you do it, besides get up early early in the morning?

Cali said...

Oh, I've been waiting for you to post. Your camera takes incredible pictures. I love the eggs one for your header and the one of the clouds.

Love, Cali

Jill said...

Welcome back to blogging and yippee for a speedier mouse and keyboard!

I've decided recently that I really have a strong fascination for clouds, and I love to take photos of the mountains and sky.

How funny to have a troll under the bridge.

I'm not familiar with faith, hope, charity bracelets, is that something I should know?

The sandwich in the gravel makes for a funny picture, not so much a funny breakfast.

I love the idea of just showing up at someone's house with a treat. I really should do that more often.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I am so happy for all your randomness. I wish I noticed those random things a little more often. Don't they make you smile!

Sylvia said...

The Troll under the bridge is a Danish thing. Trolls are part of Danish Folklore. Nearby Ballard has a Scandinavian Heritage. I've visited and taken people to that troll many times when I lived in Seattle. By the way I'm Kathy's Sister and it was good to see an old familiar Seattle site. There are a lot of good things to see in the Fremont district where the troll is.

Sylvia said...

You know I could be wring about the Danish thing. I don't know who told me that or when.I Goggled The Three Billy Goats Gruff (one of my favorite childhood stories) and found out it had a Norwegian history and then I goggled The Fremont Troll and found out the artists based it on the Story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Anyway it's a Scandinavian thing and I love it.

Lyle and Mary: said...

Here's some random comments on your latest post...
The clouds reminded me more of MT. than Moses Lake. I love big skies, and big clouds. Great picture.
Puppies are like kids, adorable when they are holding still long enough to take a picture.
Did you write troll and mean troll'S under the bridge? [JK]
Hooray for giving and receiving gifts even if they are under the label "random".
PBJ on homemade bread is one of my favorite "to go" breakfasts.
And I'm so glad that you have some new equipment to maintain being one of the most dedicated and best bloggers on the internet.

Susan said...

Dear Jane,

Your present was the best and I used every BIT of it! The marathon bars were my breakfast...and lunch...and dinner. (I was running a LONG time.) Anyway, thanks again!


deidra said...

Hat a lovely collection of photos and thoughts. I love clouds. We had a gorgeous post-storm sky and sunset on Thursday. I felt like a little kid in the field, too mesmerized to pay attention to the game!

I might just have to copy your gift tag idea for our relay team. How clever.

Julie said...

I love the troll too! There are trolls in every gift shop here. In books, statues, keychains, lawn ornaments, etc. I love the big huge one though. Definitely a Scandinavian thing! I will also be copying your bandaid tag. You are so creative and talented! I aspire to be you in many ways...

Rebecca said...

Wow, what a week! I'm I could've heard Abram play his violin too! The last time I visited, he was explaining to me how to read a weather map.

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

Dear Jane,

Darla and I want to know who Joe is.


michelle said...

Great post!

Love your marathon gift bag with band-aid tag.

I don't know about the troll under the bridge! But we're taking a road trip to Seattle next month, so maybe we should check it out.

That first picture is amazing! Amazing.