Sunday, June 13, 2010

52 Blessings—Winning

This is a fairly familiar spring scene at our house: Calvin sitting at the computer watching Arizona State University play baseball. There are no people on the screen. There is no turf. There is no bubblegum. There isn’t even organ music. There is just a computerized baseball diamond with little orange dots representing players moving from base to base. I thought TV baseball was boring, but this takes boring to a whole new level. But not for Calvin, he loves it. For years he kept track of ASU scores through his dad. Each week when his dad called they’d discuss the week’s games. But his dad died and a year later he was able to start watching them on the computer. Abe has partially filled the ASU-conversation-void his dad left; just this morning I heard Grace ask Calvin, “Abe wants to know how ASU is doing.”

ASU is in the play-offs and last night their game was on TV. Calvin sat behind me on the couch while I sat at the computer. Out of nowhere, he hollered and hooped. Loudly. It scared me and Grace heard it all the way down the hall with the fan going full blast.  ASU tied the game.  Evidently that is a big deal.  After he cheered, Calvin relaxed back in the chair and quietly resumed watching the game for another hour or two without saying another word. ASU finally won in the 12th inning.  I fell asleep in the bottom of the ninth.

This morning I was thinking about how glad Calvin was that ASU won. And that’s when I thought about what a blessing winning can be. Through the years, there are many wins I’ve been grateful for—a football game win over Pasco, a wrestling match win against South Ridge, a state volleyball game, the last game of dominoes where the loser bought the milkshakes, not to mention the many battles and debates for freedom won.

Losing can be a blessing, too, but winning is a funner blessing.

Any wins you’re grateful for?


Cassidy said...

Oh this sounds EXACTLY like Bo, only instead of ASU, it's the Mariners. really. I just find it hard to believe that night after night, it can still be so interesting, because yes, the Mariners play night after night. Then again, he finds it hard to believe that I can read a book over and over again and still enjoy it. I guess we all have it some way or another.

Samantha said...

Every BYU football game that we've won that I've ever watched. haha. (Seriously, there are some wins I still dream about!)

Kay Scott said...

We are big time Sun Devil fans here too, so every ASU victory is cheered. I'll be thinking of Calvin now as we watch them progress through this tournament.

Jill said...

Wow, that is some serious dedication to watch the game like that!

"but winning is a funner blessing." So True!

Becky said...

Go Sun Devils!!!

(That's where Jeff and I met). :)

Marie said...

Dirk loves watching hockey, and I could picture him watching nothing but dots on a screen, if that was the only way to get it. He loves that winning feeling when his team does well, and I just think it is fun to watch him! I didn't know him growing up, but when I watch him watching his hockey games, I feel like I get a little insight into Young Dirk.

Anita said...

Oh Jane, I burst out laughing when I read that Calvin watched baseball on the computer - we do that at work when the Mariners are playing well and there's an afternoon game! As for you young lady, you're thankful for a Pasco win? Um no ... we always want Richland to win after all, I am a Richland Bomber!


linda said...

My daughter is a senior at ASU so of course we're big ASU fans. Even still, watching ASU baseball on the computer isn't that appealing. I'm all for the live action stuff.

michelle said...

12 innings?? That's dedication.

I love the way you think, Jane.