Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Memories—Flagpole

Thanksgiving 1998
Calvin, Cousin Whitney
Cali, Abe, Uncle Hugh, Garth (Hugh’s brother)
Ande, Ty

And a Happy Flag Day to you. I was about fourteen or fifteen years old when my brother-in-law made a flagpole and gave it to my mom for Christmas. It was the first of its kind and I liked having a flagpole very much, but I was a wee bit embarrassed that a silver-painted toilet float was the knob at the top of the flagpole. Fourteen year olds worry about things like that. When my friend reassured me no one would ever know, I liked the flag pole even better.

Twenty years later when Calvin and I had a family of our own, we moved to Washington and that same brother-in-law made us a flagpole for our home. Instead of me worrying about the silver-painted-toilet-float-knob, our fifteen year old did. I reassured her just like my friend had me that no one would ever know. Still today that flag pole is one of the favorite things in our yard. And, long live the toilet float, it has long since fallen off and rolled away somewhere.

Tonight for family home evening we celebrated Flag Day. Even though we were just having meatloaf we set the table with white plates and napkins, blue and red cups, and a flag tray in the center.


After supper, we pulled out the crayons, markers, and coloring pencils and colored Betsy Ross, patriot, liberty, flag pictures. Yes, even Calvin colored a picture.  Ande wouldn’t let us take a picture of her because she hadn’t had a chance to shower after work.

Then we went outside, retired our tattered flag, replaced it with a new one and said the Pledge of Allegiance. It was a grand ol’ family night.


tina said...

Awe . . .

And we just read a short story out of the Friend and had ice cream.

Actually, I realize that's pretty good for our young family. :) Time together, that's what matters most.

Thanks for sharing, Jane! Love it.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I want a flagpole in my yard...someday!

Julie said...

I too want a flagpole someday. I love seeing the flag fly. I miss it here (although the Norwegian flag is red, white, and blue too!). I miss those patriotic holidays!

Rachel said...

That's one of my all time favorite pictures of Calvin. Ever. Bar-none. Right down to the toothpick. I think it should be framed.

deidra said...

I like that the whole family colored, and that losers were declared! Sounds like a real family to me.

I enjoy going home and seeing the flag flying in my parents' yard. My dad just got a new flag for his birthday a few weeks ago.

(New flags always make me think of flag orders through the Senator's office, when people request to have them flown over the Capitol. As much of a hassle they were to take care of, the thought still makes me a little sentimental and proud.)

Jill said...

How sweet of you guys to have a Flag Day themed FHE.

Robin said...

On Saturday I saw your son on the Great Wall of China! I didn't know it was him. I watched as he hopped up an enormous set of stairs. He was so handsome and looked so familiar. My husband and I joked with them and as we walked away I kept thinking that I knew him. Michelle told me tonight that it was Ty! I nearly died. Oh how I wish I'd have asked where they were from, I would have figured it out and taken a picture.

He is a handsome boy. And competitive. No one else hopped as far as him.

Robin said...

I think maybe we are supposed to be friends.

Anonymous said...

"Cactus Cal's" coloring picture and "Cactus Cal's" photograph look very similar! Who even knew it was flag day? I'm lame.


michelle said...

This is just too cute! And that photo of Calvin is really a keeper.