Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Homemaking Tip—a Smidgen of Squash

A little squash added to your hamburger patty, sliced potatoes, carrots, and onions adds a lot of moisture and keeps your tinfoil dinner from burning in the fire. And besides . . . it’s pretty. Red potatoes + yellow squash + orange carrots . . . they match.

Today I was like my Idaho neighbor Teresa. She used to have all of her meals cooked by 8:00 am in the summer. She did not like a hot kitchen so she baked the lasagna, cookies, bread – whatever they were eating that day – early in the morning and then just reheated things later. This morning I had four loaves of bread out of the oven by 6:45 and I thought of her. But then I turned the oven on later to cook banana bread and supper, so I’m not really like her, but I still think she was brilliant to be so organized in the summer.


Jill said...

Oh to be like you and have 4 loaves of bread baked by 6:45am! My darn sleep woes mess me up most nights and make rising early one of my trials in life.

I love it when I make dinner early in the day. Whitney and I made lasagna around noon on Monday and I was so happy about that all afternoon.

deidra said...

I try to only cook (run the dishwasher/ dryer) when it's cool enough to open the windows. Which means we've been eating lots of salads, cereal, smoothies and store bought bread. Maybe I need to try mornings and not nights. I'm too worn out from the day to be very productive at night.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

That is crazy. I would have to admit that I slept in this morning. I am feeling a little lazy now, but sometimes when you have a little toddler I think you deserve it ha ha. :)

Anonymous said...

wow. that is all i have to say. wow.

Anonymous said...

You beat me. I had bragged about having my dinner ready, my weeds pulled, and my laundry done by the time I got to my 10:30 meeting, but now I just feel slothful. Thanks a lot, Jane.

It's a darn good thing you're so likeable. And loveable.

PS Elliott would like us to plan a 'chicken coop tour' so that he can visit yours and you can praise his. I was thinking a progressive dinner involving lots of chicken dishes. What do you think? How many chicken coops are out there, anyway?