Monday, November 8, 2010

Well Fed – Everyday Life

Tonight we had chicken-broccoli-rice casserole for supper. Grace made chocolate cake for family night. Any guess what the common everyday ingredient (besides salt) was in both? I have a little surprise for the first one to guess it.

When Calvin saw me taking a picture of supper he said, “Don’t tell me you’d put a picture of a casserole on the blog before the jeep.” Ohhhhh . . . (here it comes, wait for it) jeepers, his jeep. Calvin’s hobbies have always been money-makers, but this jeep broke the mold; although it is as he says, “I just swapped one piece of junk for another piece of junk.” Someone on Craig’s list made a trade with him – an old four-wheeler for an old jeep – and they both seem pleased. I'm thinking this jeep, when it runs again, will be little more than a geriatric four wheeler, so I guess it was a fair trade.

I told Calvin, “But I don’t know what to say about the jeep.”

The jeep is part of everyday life so I guess that says it all. Behold the jeep:

We got Ty’s senior picture proofs in the mail today. It’s hard to believe that by next summer all of the kids will have graduated from college. I remember being on the other end of these years and wondering how many miracles it would take to make a good college education possible for each of them.  I'm here to say miracles happen . . . everyday even.

I never noticed until today that Ty has a crooked smile. He’s been smiling at me for 24 years and I don’t know how I missed it all that time, but every single picture has it and they all look just like him. Which reminds me of the first time Ty smiled at me, I even recorded it in my journal adding that some would argue it wasn’t real. He was barely 24 hours old. I was holding him against my heart when he lifted up his head and with those little gray eyes looked straight at me and smiled—strong and sure. Then his head bobbled and rested back against me. There was such a warm and special feeling that passed between us that I knew it was no accident. That smile said, “Thank you for getting me here,” and mine said, “Your welcome. Welcome to the family.”

Smiles, pictures, and Ty: a part of everyday life.


Last weekend my niece Rachel wrote a great post about a Norman Rockwell art exhibit she attended.  Immediately after reading it, Cali went and got her Norman Rockwell book and we looked at it together.  Nobody caught the essence of everyday life like Norman Rockwell.

Reading, especially with someone, is a wonderful part of everyday life.


Myca said...

Was it sour cream? Hmm...or maybe butter. Oops that was two guesses. :)

deidra said...

I first thought, "Flour," but that seems so everyday that you wouldn't even mention it. So I'm going to make a second guess of beans.

A "geriatric four wheeler"-- I love it. Though it seems you've a long way to geriatric.

Our local art museum had a traveling Smithsonian exhibit with a pretty good collection or original artwork from "Saturday Evening Post." The Norman Rockwell's were my favorite!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

These are very good guesses Deidra and Myca, but there's no butter in the casserole, and no sour cream or beans in either the casserole or cake (though Calvin did slather sour cream heavily on top of the casserole when he ate it. He's not a fan of casseroles).

Deidra I have a good recipe for fudge made from pinto beans if you'd like it.

Guess again!

Puhlman said...

My guess is cream cheese....oh that looks like a yummy casserole. I LOVE casseroles too. Mom too. BUT NOT dad. He would always add something like Calvin to make it more edible. My father grew up on a dairy farm...if it wasn't mean and tators it wasn't worth eating. :)

Puhlman said...

oops...I mean meat and potatoes

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...


(a bit of a cop-out...I know!)

I think I'll pick up a Norman Rockwell book at the library today!

Deanna/Mimi said...

My guess Jane is mayonaise. I love your post. I truly feel like a neighbor and enjoy the happenings of your home and family. Can I come live with you? What an example you are. Congratulations on having four children graduated from college..most of the credit should go to you and the "teaching" and "preparing" you did for them from the day they were born. Thank you for all you are teaching me...what a wonderful life you have.

michelle said...

I'm going to say mayonnaise. I know of some good chocolate cakes with that ingredient.

Behold the Jeep - that made me giggle.

Hooray for everyday miracles!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

it looks like we all think alike. because i was going to say either cream cheese or mayo too.

Leslie said...

Everyone mentioned my best guesses already. I can't wait to hear what it was - I'm hoping not rice, lol.

that's so exciting that your son will be graduating soon and all of your children will now have college educations. I hope to be able to say that one day though it'll be at least 17 or so years to do so.

I love Norman Rockwell's work. He is one of the first artists I remember admiring as a child and I still love his work today.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Every day life right now consists of diapers lol I want to a little less of those, but I'll be getting a little more. :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Deanna, you are oh so smart! Mayo it is. Surprise coming your way!

Thanks for playing everybody.

Alisa said...

I thought it was mayo too! I]

Julie said...

I'm hungry so the casserole is quickly becoming my dinner inspiration. Ty's pictures are great. I love his crooked smile. He's darling. And my favorite phrase of this post..."behold the jeep"! It's actually pretty cool. Tell Calvin I want a ride when it's running!

melanie said...

Love the geriatric four wheeler. One you can ride in too, hee.

Ever time I've heard the story of Ty as a 24 hr newborn, it makes me smile. His thoughts of thanking you and yours of welcoming him. So very sweet and true.

Jill said...

I'm so excited that I guessed mayo before reading any of the comments!

The jeep is funny. Calvin reminds me of my friend Amie's husband Jimmy, they seem like they're cut from the same cloth.

Rachel said...

I can't believe I made Neighbor Jane's blog! I don't think I am worthy! And I can't believe mayonnaise was in both dishes!