Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well Fed – Retreats

“I think this was the best year yet.” We’ve heard it before and even said it ourselves, but this time we really mean it. We had a great scrapbooking retreat last weekend.

image from

These were our rooms. They truly are this beautiful. Each bathtub has shutters around it and each shower has real leaves encased in the tile. Fancy.

We were served

grilled chicken breast
steamed vegetables
garlic mashed potatoes
a very, very rare sirloin steak (but no one even complained)
chocolate mousse
fresh fruit tarts
chicken teriyaki
hot rolls
pretty little butter balls with a twig of herb
and lots and lots and lots and lots of candy and homemade treats as well

with cloth napkins.

We’re missing a few who ran to the scrapbook store

There were forty of us,

and a ton of stuff.

Two of the forty were Debbie and Janet.  Debbie worked on wedding albums and came with her daughter-in-law.  Janet worked on her son’s football album (he plays for Penn State) and came with her two twin daughters.

Susan finally won a prize.  She’s come to over a dozen retreats, but this was her first time ever to win. 

Haley, Rachel, Ande, me, Grace, Jamie, Cali

The swimming team. The fitness center had hot tubs, a sauna, two water slides, and a warm water pool. It was wonderful and the slides were fun. After we’d played and swam, the seven of us sat outside in the hot tub amongst the pine trees, evening star, and a ¾ moon. It was as perfect an evening as could be.

Cali cutting a quilt top, Rachel sewing paper banners

Our group total was 824 pages, 485 cards, 61 projects, 1 king-sized quilt top, and a few blogs . . . plus Deb and I felt like we’d accomplished the portion of our mission statement which states, “provide women with a safe, amiable atmosphere where they can use their creative talents to preserve family legacies, and an experience where women can laugh, create, visit, and form unique camaraderie with women of similar interests."

Jane and Deb –D.J.’s Scrapbooking Retreats

These retreats have been a juicy apple under my tree.  I have appreciated getting my family history in order, building friendships, and working with Deb.  I especially enjoyed having Ande, Cali, Grace, my niece Haley, and my sister Rachel at this last retreat.


Leslie said...

I had such a wonderful time and it was definitely the best one so far I've attended. Everything about it was so nice. I came home feeling creatively refreshed and inspired. Thanks for all you and Deb do to make it a fabulous experience.

Julie said...

I'm definitely coming next year! I see these pictures every year and I'm jealous. Colorado is not so far as Norway and I'm coming!

Lucy said...

That looks like a lovely place. I think the idea of getting together with friends and family and working on a common interest sounds wonderful. Are you in charge of organizing these retreats?

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

I am SO glad you gals had a wonderful time. I couldn't be more jealous . . .

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Could their be anything better! How fun!

Susan said...

And I totally got to win!! Yea me again!!

hennchix said...

That was so much fun!! You and Deb are phenomenal organizers and really know how to throw an amazing party!! I can't wait for next year!

deidra said...

You had me at the description of Suncadia. What a great weekend!

melanie said...

Gorgeous place, creativity and supportive, loving women. What a great, recharging weekend.

And might I add, you are looking fabulous!

Becky said...


Maybe next year! :)

It looks so wonderful and fun--great job ladies!

michelle said...

Wow, that's a big group!

It looks like a truly lovely place, and I love your description of your night in the hot tub. There is nothing quite like women getting together and creating.

Jill said...

That looks seriously deluxe!

Rachel said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do some more retreats! I NEED to go to one with you guys!! Maybe we should hold one in Maryland??