Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well Fed – S’s


I do love a good Sunday.  Good meaning not too many mess-ups on the organ, a bag of peanut m&m’s in my church bag, quiet inspiration, reflective thoughts, the Sacrament, a good dinner, a nap, popcorn, and a fine book.  It is as Joseph Addison said, “Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.”  I’m glad God made Sundays.


Yesterday morning was our first snow.  The flakes were big and bushy.  They didn’t stay long, but they did land.  I’m glad God made snow.  Calvin’s dad always kept track of the weather.  Always.  Calvin does the same thing.  I find it endearing.

Sore and Sweaty

Grace and I jogged three miles Friday.  Now I know it's not that far, but I haven’t jogged that far since college.  I usually walk a mile to warm up, jog two, and then reward myself with a mile walk at the end.  However, when Grace and I jogged together she said, “Let’s push it and do three.”  We were surprised how much we sweat in the cold and that one mile more made us sore the next day.  I’m glad God made Grace and told Adam sweat was good for him.


Our ward harvest supper was last night.  Grace made a pumpkin roll, I was assigned rolls, and Calvin helped with the meat.  The cultural hall was decorated beautifully, the food was really good (I don’t know who made the rolls at our table, but they were wonderful), and the conversation was fun.  Anytime you sit at a table with Ludeen the conversation is good.  Not too many years ago she and I delivered a cake to a family and she ran to the car afterwards – she’s pushing 85.  I’m glad God made church families.


I bit my fingernails off this week and it wasn’t because I was bored.  I’m glad God expects us to make peace. 


A cat has adopted us. It feels kind of good. Cats, let alone stray cats, don’t adopt us nor do they last long in the land of coyotes and cur dogs. This cat is not only a stray, she’s a smart stray. It took Cali three days to find her kittens.

Awhile ago I saw a mid-sized kitten streak across the parking lot at work. It ran straight for the fence and the bushes; she wanted nothing to do with humanity. I wasn’t sure what the stray’s kittens looked like as I’d only seen them once or twice in the dark, but I was pretty sure that streaking orange kitten was one of the stray's. That night Calvin confirmed it. It must be simply unnerving to ride on some ledge under the hood of a car at 70 miles an hour. I’m sure it’s not as scary as getting caught in a fan belt, but I still can’t help but think it would be the undoing of me as it seemed to be the orange kitten. Within the week all three of the kittens were gone, but the calico stray stays on.  She is content to live on mice and an occasional helping of leftover gravy. I’m glad God loves all strays.


I got a letter in the mail this week notifying me that I received a B in my communications class.  A B is OK, but I'm glad God doesn't grade me on power point presentations and sentence structures. 

How would you fill in the sentence, "I'm glad God ________" ?


Julie said...

I'm glad God made a wonderful, reflective writer like you to remind me of all I am grateful for. We need a picture of you with the word, "Super" (ok, so I'm not the writer you was all I could think of that started with S.)
p.s. I think 3 miles is a LONG way!

Puhlman said...

well this won't start with S. My heart is full today. I am glad God gave me my dad. He leaves a HUGE legacy. He was truly a family man and though he didn't have much himself he gave of all he had. He was my greatest example of what it is like to be like our Savior. YES...he had his vices BUT I believe he was one of the greatest men to have ever lived.

deidra said...

I'm glad God loves me. And that I know it. Counting my blessings has been a great reminder of this.

hennchix said...

I'm glad God made the temples and Sealing powers available to us!We went to the temple on Saturday and did 91 family sealings. Wonderful!

Deb said...

I'm glad God made Jane.

Jill said...

I have never taken M&Ms of any kind in my church bag, but that seems like a great idea.

We had some snow yesterday too and it set the backdrop beautifully as we put up our Christmas decorations.

I haven't jogged 3 miles in like 19 years! Oh how I've let myself go.

The company at a ward dinner definitely makes or breaks the night for me.

I'm sorry about your squabble.

I have a soft spot in my heart for cats.

I'm glad God doesn't grade me based on my ability to solve math problems! I get a good dose of humbling at least every other day at work.

I'm glad God let's me start over again and again and again!

michelle said...

What? Peanut m&ms in your church bag? Why haven't I ever thought of that? That is brilliant!

I'm glad God gave us agency, and a Savior to rescue us from our wrong choices, and the plan of salvation.

Ande Payne said...

I'm glad God thinkis it's a good idea for you to write blogs.