Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well Fed -- Together

me, Grace, Ande, Haley (my niece), Rachel (my sister), Cali

It's begun:  our annual scrapbooking retreat that Deb and I host.  This year it is at Suncadia Resort (resort as in a place that gives you a fireplace in your room, scented salts for your bath, and a golf course out your door).

Just now I couldn't remember how many years we've been doing retreats so I went and asked Cynthia Small, "Cynthia, how old is your little boy now?" because that is how I keep track.  I remember that first retreat when Cynthia's husband and little kids dropped her off and watching Cynthia kiss her baby good-bye for three days.  Her husband has taken care of them every year and even donates caramel popcorn for us.  (He bags them in cellophane bags with a little scrapbooking gadget in the bottom and labels them Scrapper Jacks.  Yes, they are cute.)

One of the things I like about the scrapbooking retreats is the energy which morphs into synergy.  Another thing is seeing the mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends laugh and share and get misty eyed.  This picture below makes me laugh.  Rachel is showing Deb, Alyson (Deb's daughter) and Cali a picture.  The look on Cali reveals it all.  It's a night picture that Rachel took of her kids at an old cemetery near their home.  There are eight kids in the picture.  Or are there?  There is a shadow of a little boy in overalls beside the eight kids . . . none of the eight are in overalls . . . and none of the eight are the size of the little boy in overalls either.  So I guess you could say there are nine kids in the picture.  Or are there?  I was taken in a cemetery after all.  

This is one great place to be for the next three days.


Tiffany Fackrell said...

do you think you could convince Rachael to show us that've got me intrigued!! Have fun spending a weekend with your girls!

Alisa said...

Have a wonderful weekend! I would come right on over if I lived closer!

Barb said...

I think you have some material you could add to this guy's lecture. You know exactly where good ideas come from.

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

I hope you ladies have a WONDERFUL time! So wishing I could be there.

melanie said...

I know you'll have a fabulous time. One year I'd like to come and go table to table and visit. Doesn't that sound like a great 3 days as well?

michelle said...

1. You were taken in a cemetery?! What??

2. So how many years has it been?

Jill said...

What a cool tradition, especially since mothers, sisters, and daughters are involved.

Your hair looks great in that group photo!