Sunday, February 20, 2011

52 Blessings – Being a MIL

I never knew being a mother-in-law could be such a great thing.  I never knew that I would enjoy it so much.  It’s a best kept secret.

Last week Grace invited me to . . . well, you can see what she invited me to do.
Every time she laughed (which was every time she looked over at me) her little nose flaps blew in the wind.  

Grace calls me Mom.  She moved back to Colorado at 3:30 this morning.  Ouch.  We have had such a good year together.  I love how Grace puts an “s” on the end of her words – monies, jewelries, underwears.  I love how quickly she can laugh and watching her laugh really, really hard.  I love how excited she gets at little things like corn on the cob and gas station hotdogs and all things sparkly.  I love doing things with her like scrapbooking, walking, shopping (we both like to shop solo, but cross paths every so often to get the other's opinion), getting snowcones, and going to the temple.  Grace is a fun buddy.  I love how she takes such good care of Abe.

At a Seattle Mariner's game with Ray.  The world is his oyster.

Ray calls me Janey Payney and dubbed himself a Janer Payner.  He sends the funniest texts and makes funny comments on my blog posts via e-mail.  He makes people feel like a million bucks.  He remembers details.  One thing I love about Ray is what a great listener he is.  He has loooong legs that stretch a loooonng ways, but when he is listening he pulls them in, leans forward, looks straight at you, nods, asks questions, and then responds, “Yeah, yeah, yeah” real quick, three times in succession when he's excited about what you say.  He is very generous (most often namelessly), but not to a fault.  I love how he takes such good care of Cali.

This mother-in-law business is a huge blessing to me.  Ray and Grace’s talents, love, kindness, ideas, energy, personalities, faith, and abilities make my life (and others') so much better. 

Can you imagine how blessed I’ll be in another couple of months when I’m Joe’s and Michelle’s mother-in-law, too?  I’m just so grateful for this very unexpected and wonderful blessing.  

*What's something you love about an in-law of yours?*


Nikki said...

I imagine you're the best MIL ever. I do enjoy that Grace calls you mom-- and everything else about her too that I know from you. And about Ray. :)

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I love how Grace worries! It makes me feel not so alone!

We will worry about others together until...maybe forever.

I love my Grace and I hope she is SO happy in her new home!

Mama Tales said...

I love being a MIL. I finally have sons! I love my ....sons, each one of them, and love what they bring to our family.

danipenz said...

I love your post and I loved getting to know Grace a tiny bit that one afternoon at the barbecue at Bakers house and yes, I'm sure you're an awesome MIL.

hennchix said...

Oh Jane! I miss my mother in law all the time! I can't wait until the resurrection to share fun times with her! You are an amazing person, and a mother in law that I wish for my children to inherit. Having Grace gone will leave a huge hole in your life, but also in hers. Hang in there and remember that you are very loved!

Lucy said...

I have a wonderful MIL. I feel blessed whenever I hear horror stores from others about how manipulative or unkind some can be. Anyone fortunate enough to join the Payne family is blessed but you seem to have been equally blessed.

peggy said...

I love been truly blessed in the "in-law" department. I got awesome in-laws when I married David and I got awesome son-in-laws when Kacey and Kristy got married. I am blessed. Any anyone who has Jane for a MIL is really blessed!

michelle said...

I have a wonderful MIL – I feel very fortunate in that department! From the very start, she has made me feel like her own. She has taught me loads about being inclusive.

Anyone who marries into your family is fortunate indeed, and I love the way you love your new sons and daughters.

Michelle said...

I think what you meant to say is "Can you imagine how blessed Joe and Michelle are going to be?"

Cali said...

A blessing about you being a MIL (that I didn't expect) is getting to see you take such good care of my husband. You love him. You believe in him. You think he is incredible. AND... that means just as much to me. Thank you for loving my husband.


Becky said...

I love what a great mother-in-law you are! How nice of you to compliment them so freely and so well :)

melanie said...

It's been an easy addition for you because of the wonderful mother you already are. Grace and Ray are blessed. Joe and Michelle too.

I love my mother in law because she is patient and I know she loves me faults and all.