Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thinking – Pretty Hard to Think of Anything Else

view from Cali and Ray's deck above their patio

Ray and Cali live in a great little neighborhood in Seattle – the kind where they borrow eggs from their neighbor and the little girl who lives next door skips over to feed their turtle a couple of times a week.  The neighbor across the street takes their packages in out of the rain, and the neighbor to their left rolls their recycle bin to the curb when he takes his.  Cali and Ray are the newcomers.  The other neighbors have lived together for years and years and take good care of each other, including the newcomers.  Except one.  The 60'ish-year-old neighbor to their right keeps to himself, has some bizarre habits, and has young men coming and going at all hours.  Make that kept to himself, appeared to have bizarre habits, and had young men coming and going at all hours.     

A little after midnight on Tuesday, Ray and Cali were awakened by a young man screaming on their backyard patio.  His screams were repeated and shrill.  Ray crawled out of bed and went to investigate.  Within minutes several police cars swarmed the house next door, soon followed by crime vans, sniffing dogs, and paramedics.  Their neighbor was stabbed to death and, after hearing Ray’s report, believed the suspect was the one who had screamed on their patio.

The murder suspect eluded the police for several hours, but remember this is a helpful little neighborhood, so when some of the neighbors saw a young man that wasn’t familiar to them climbing out of a nearby park ravine, they called the police.  The suspect, a 19-year-old friend of the victim, was apprehended.   

That’s pretty much been what I’ve been thinking about for the last few days . . . and the merciful fact that Ray wasn’t traveling on Tuesday night so Cali wasn’t alone. 

Oh, and Egypt .  I’m still thinking about Egypt.  And now Bahrain.  Well . . . the whole Middle East really.

Crazy.  Crazy things are happening next door.


lelly said...


That's a lot to wrap your head around.

Susan said...

Oh Jane. That's just crazy, and so often we think, that wouldn't happen here and then some child takes a gun to school and kills people. Crazy.

I'm thinking about the whole middle east also. What more could happen there? I've been watching a lot of late night news shows (well, they come on earlier here on the west coast) and marveling at the power of the protest. It seems to be gaining speed, doesn't it?

I'm glad Cali and Ray are okay, and that they have good neighbors.

Whidget said...

I think that's the closest I've ever come to knowing a murder victim. it's also the closest I'd LIKE to come... Poor Cali!

camery said...

Good grief. That's absolutely crazy. In the very worst way that crazy can be applied to a murder situation. So glad Ray was home. Yikes.

Deanna/Mimi said...

What a story...very scary. Hard on momma too as your daughter experienced something that none should have to. Our society is very different from just a generation ago. Yes, the Middle East is a hot spot. The prophets and the scriptures have described this would be coming and more to follow.

melanie said...

My heart was starting to race for Cali and Ray, yikes. I'm glad Ray was home too. That would be hard to overcome alone. Especially pregnant. Thank heavens for the good neighbors.

michelle said...

Yikes! Pretty hard to think of anything else for sure!

So nice about the good neighbors.

Emma J said...

I love your last line. As in, shivers up and down my spine. I love it that you see Egypt and Bahrain as next door. I like how you bring it all home.

Deidra said...

Freaky. I can't imagine it. Yikes! And shudder.

Chris spent a day in Bahrain a couple of years ago and loved it. That very small connection does make it seem closer to home for me.

Lucy said...

Very scary. I'm glad Cali and Ray are o.k. and hope their next neighbor has better friends.