Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday -- Family Update

Michelle and Ty
 (Hey kids, does this remind anybody of Elbert's Bad Word, 
the masquerade ball, and Madam Frittata's feathered boa?)

Last weekend Ty and Michelle attended a masquerade ball.  He’s nearing 100 days left at the academy and 102 days until he and Michelle get married.  Michelle moved home this semester so that she can be closer to Ty.  It was a notable sacrifice and he’s been so happy having her close.  He literally whistles when he calls.  Ty and Michelle are awaiting his next assignment.  It will either be graduate school or pilot training. 

Abe is nearing the end of his deployment.  There is a lot of excitement about that in this house.  It was great to see him in this video, see what he is doing, and hear his voice.

As far as Calvin, Ray, Cali, Grace, Joe, Ande, and me.  We're doing fine.  Great really.  Ray's and Cali's baby's feet are growing nicely said the ultrasound technician.  After all, it is the year of the rabbit.  Ray thinks they may have a track star.


melanie said...

A great update on your fabulous family.

Cali- It's better to hear the baby's feet are growing than to hear it's their the head. Trust me, they always told me Nathan's head was 'growing nicely'. Scared me for a few months and I found it it should have, ha.

Leslie said...

I love reading your updates. Well, all your posts really. And especially that your son Abe is safe and will return soon. I'm reading a book right now about a young soldier in the Army and I just have so much respect and pray for those serving our country and for the families that support and love them.

Susan said...

It's so good to see and hear Abe's voice. So awesome.

I agree with Melanie. Somethings are better to be large as a baby, than others. ;)

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Yay for a video of Abe! He looks good!
The boys watched it over and over....they love that they have an "army guy" for an uncle!!

Cassidy said...

Thanks for the update!

Becky said...

So much fun to hear about Cali's baby :)

Loved the video of Abe! Grateful that his deployment is almost over so all of you can be reunited.

Ty and Michelle are too, too fun!

michelle said...

What an exciting time for your family!

During the last ultrasound I had while pregnant with Max, the technician actually staggered backwards when he measured the baby's head. Boy was I ever nervous about that!

Jill said...

It must be fun and satisfying to see your kids so happy!

The video was interesting to watch.