Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Here!

Joe and Ande at a Viet Namese dinner with the families meeting each other (last night)
Getting ready for the wedding this morning -- Grace, Abe, Ande, Ty, Cali
Ande has been so funny.  She's calm, happy, and so excited to be the boss in the family for one morning.  


Deidra said...

Hooray! How fun. And how nice to have a sister-in-law to do hair. Convenient!

Cassidy said...

I'm so giddy with excitment for Ande!!!

melanie said...

Oh happy day! Excited for Ande and Joe (and especially her 'boss for the day' privilege).

michelle said...

How marvelous for Ande to feel calm and happy on her wedding day! You guys must be doing things right.

Marie said...

I'm with Michelle - to be calm and happy on your wedding morn is just how it ought to be.

Can't wait for a full report and pictures!

(And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - how fun and flattering to have your niece peaking in on us!)