Tuesday, April 12, 2011

11 on 11 of April of 11

Ande: "Mom, today I picked you a bouquet. I hope you like them."

Ande:  "Time Capsule"

Abe: "Me watching Grace's birthday present." (Tangled)

Joe:  "Ande makes compromises. Cali's present rules the counters.
And Ninjas guard our kitchen."

Jane:  "I took dessert to a new family in the ward."

Calvin: watching the news

Grace:  "After a long day of shopping, buying a scale."

Ty:  "Here is our very normal day.  We thought it might be fun for
everyone to see our left sides."

Michelle: "Here is our very normal day.  We thought it might be fun for
everyone to see our left sides."

Ray:  "Enjoying late night snack I (Cali) made for him . . . warm chips, fresh salsa,
and guacamole.  He's busy telling me about some exciting stuff
he's working on for work."  

Cali:  "Me showing off my greatest accomplishment from the past few months . . .
only 2 months and 1week to go.  I'm also showcasing the basket Ray thinks
should work  as a crib.  I tried to tell him that a one-year-old won't fit in there and
definitely won't stay in there.  He doesn't think we need to buy a crib."


michelle said...

I am still struck by your family's willingness to contribute to this fun project, Jane! Great idea. Great follow-through.

I especially loved the picture of Ande's bouquet. Did it make you feel like a mother of small children again?

And Cali's "crib." Hilarious.

Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

Cali- I'm with Ray, I think your baby will fit in there for quite a while....well, all but his feet at least ;). Can't wait for the "right" side pics. And I am STILL waiting to see pictures of all the new furniture Grace and Abe!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

i absolutely loved the bouquet Ande picked for you. I get one of those bouqet's on a daily basis! And actually any weed that has a slight resemblance of some flower is picked and brought into the house. The other day i had to drop the kids off at the neighbors so i could run some friends to the airport and before we left cambree ran out and picked a bunch of flowery weeds and came in and declared, "mom, these are for Bonnie(the mom of the friends she was going to)" Then when she forgot them on the counter as we were walking over she said, "oh it's ok, I think I can give them to her on Saturdy" (I didn't tell her they would be dead and in the garbage by then) Still cute and funny the things that she comes up with!

Cali's baby bump is teeny tiny I can't believe she only has 2 months left.

Ande Payne said...

I love our 11 posts! I've been waiting and waiting for this blog.

Whidget said...

If you don't buy a crib--plan on that baby sleeping with you.

Rachel said...

Hahahaha, those left sides were awesome, especially since you both look like characters out of Star Wars. Cali- a laundry basket works well...not that I would know or anything. And Ande, I love your bouquet. Did you know Oklahoma has so few Dandelions? And we are scrounging to find some to try and eat them.
I wish you all did this twice a month instead of once. How about on the 22?

melanie said...

I want to be new in your ward. Yum!

The remote is securely in Calvin's hand and there aren't even any kids to try and take it away from him.

Such a cleaver idea from Ty and Michelle. Right, front or back side next month?

Puhlman said...

OH Jane....I think my favorite picture is of that yummy cake....cause we were the ones that got to enjoy it.

We had FHE early on Monday and headed out to watch my sons baseball game for our activity. WE got home to enjoy that delicious cake. The kids were so excited and I felt so welcomed. Thanks so much.

You are such an amazing person and example. I love you so very much.

Nikki said...

I love posts like these. And Cali is so fit! I get a bump bigger than that right after reading a positive test!

Love the profile pics. love ALL the pics!

Becky said...

Love the photos!

My first thought was there is no way that Cali is 7 months along--what a pretty, petite girl she is!

And I laughed at the "left side" photos :)

Jill said...

Your family's participation in this monthly event is very funny.

How can Cali be that tiny with only 2 months to go?