Friday, April 29, 2011

Life in My World – Conversations from the Week

It’s a rare week when I don’t use all 60,000 of my allotted words.  Ask Calvin.  

Here are two conversation snippets from my week:   

Ande said, “Mom, you love a good conspiracy.”
I replied, “No, I don’t.”  Conspiracy sounds like it could be suspicious gossip’s kissing cousin. 
Ande said, “Oh yes you do.”
I said, “No.  I just wonder at history when it repeats itself and marvel when prophecies are fulfilled.”  I do believe, however, that Satan is alive and well and conspires for the hearts and minds of men. 

It was a short conversation, but it has made me think for several days.  What qualifies as a conspiracy? 

And with that thought, I heard the movie The Conspirator was really good, and you know how I love Abraham Lincoln.

Our internet went down last Friday night.  You know how frustrating that can be even though it’s neither a life nor death situation.  Saturday afternoon, I finally got a hold of Bob.  Bob installed our internet nearly thirteen years ago.  Because we live in a dip surrounded by trees, Bob had to come out fairly frequently at first until we could continuously reach the satellite signal.  Sometimes the problems were big like no signal coming from the tower, other times it was because the trees or haystack blocked the signal, and once it was because I cut the cable with the lawnmower.  However, other times the problems were small like when I unknowingly unplugged the internet wire from the wall while vacuuming.  No matter the size of the problem, Bob has come and fixed it with a smile, a little laugh, and an “It’s okay.  Glad I could fix it.”

Bob has worked his way up the company now until he is very important.  We haven’t seen him for a couple of years, but Saturday (Easter weekend) Bob was on call.  It took him two minutes to find out our problem.  Once again I’d accidently hit the plug with the vacuum and knocked it out.  I apologized profusely.  I felt stupid I’d pulled him away from his family and projects on a holiday weekend.  Cali teased me, Calvin teased me, but Bob just smiled, laughed a little, and said he was glad it was a simple fix.  By the time he left, he’d made me almost feel like I’d done him a favor.  He’s that kind of nice. Calvin, however, said I owed Bob a pan of cinnamon rolls for his trouble, so I made a batch and Calvin took them to him.  I got this e-mail in return:  


go ahead and unplug the internet anytime. The Cinimon Rolls are worth it.



What's a conversation snippet from your week?  (I think conversations are usually the best parts of a book, and am excited to read what yours are.)


Samantha said...

My sister in law is teaching the lesson in relief society this week on honesty. She wanted to start with a cute story, so she asked me to ask my kids what honesty meant. Now, my kids know what it means to tell the truth or to lie, but I wasn't sure if they were going to know the actual word "honesty." So I asked Kate this morning what honesty meant, and she said, " shouldn't let people see you naked??"

haha. I said that that was right... although that's not really what honesty means. It wasn't until later that I realized she had mixed up the word "honesty" with "modesty." I just love the minds of 4 year olds.

Ande Payne said...

I liked our conversation snippets from our walk. That was my favorite of the week. And the unspoken words during our naps.

Marie said...

Aimee: "Won't it be great when we have more babies so we can have a big family?"

Me: "Aimee, four kids is a big family."

Aimee: "Oh. Right."

(PS: Do you think she is holding out hope that someday she'll get a sister, or what?)

Deidra said...

We read Ether 9 last night. Talk about conspiring. We decided Akish (of any other guy willing to brin you someone's head) isn't the kind of guy you want marrying your daughter. If he'll take out one guy, he'll have no problem moving onto you, too!

It seems like most of my other conversations have revolved around newborn bodily functions and sleeping (or not sleeping)! I know I've talked about other things, but it feels like this is it!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

my conversations go something like this.

"We don't eat out of the garbage..."

"Please get off of your brother, can't you tell he isn't having fun anymore...?"

"NO you cannot have ANOTHER bag of popcorn"

"go to time out right now"

"are you even listening to me"

"mom say, I love you...I love you too!"

"what are we doing after this dark?"

"I am going to scream if I have to ask you one more time..."

"put the broom back..."

"get out of the dog water..."

"get back inside you have no shoes on..."

"put your clothes on now!"

and the most commenly asked question..."can I take a bath?"

"I love you" yep that pretty much sums it up!!

Lynn said...

My favorite conversation this week was a phone conversation with two-year-old Ty. I'd ask questions and he'd nod. I'd ask questions and he'd shrug his shoulders (as his mother told me in the background). So we continued this one-sided conversation for some time. He was completely content to let me do all the talking. When he got stuck, his five-year-old brother decided to "help him nod" wasn't that helpful of him?

michelle said...

Of course I thought of you when I saw the ad for The Conspirator.

I love that email! What a sweet story about Bob.

The conversation that sticks out the most from the week was watching Eva Skype with Marc. She didn't have all that much to say, but she didn't want him to hang up, so she kept repeating herself and making silly faces, etc. to keep him on the line.