Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Memories – Diapers

This week is my spring break and Cali is spending the week with us while Ray is traveling on business.  One of our goals this week is to prepare things for their new baby that is coming in June.  Cali and I have been discussing the ins and outs of diapering.  Literally.  When our kids were babies, we used cloth diapers – complete with pins and plastic pants – that we made from cotton flannel.  We potty-trained at 2 years of age back then.  In retrospect, I’m pretty sure it was out of desperation.  After two years of rinsing and wringing diapers in the toilet we were tired of diapering; and after so many repeated washings the diapers were pretty thin in some places, and it didn’t make sense or cents to make more.  The solution was to potty train the toddler.  It worked.

One afternoon I had just sat down on the living room carpet to fold a clean batch of diapers still warm from the dryer.  Cali was just two or three years old and was playing by me while I folded.  She put a diaper over her head and pretended she was getting married.  I didn’t have any wedding pictures of Calvin and me displayed and I wondered how in the world she knew that brides wear veils.  After a bit she said, “I saw you when you and Dad got married.  You were right there (pointing to a spot on the ground), and Dad was right here (pointing to a spot across from my spot).  I was in heaven and I saw you.”  I just quietly listened and kept folding.  Later, when Calvin came home for supper, I tried to get her to repeat the story.  She looked at me like I was stupid and had never heard such a story.  She may have forgotten it, but I haven’t.   For one day, I was glad to fold and have cloth diapers.      

Cali has shown me pictures of the cloth diapers today.  Whoa.  They are deluxe.  Whereas the picture above is Cali in a cotton flannel diaper, plastic pants, and a plastic-lined denim romper (pretty hard to get too much plastic between you and a baby’s bottom I say), the cloth diapers today look just about like it – but they’re all one piece.  

Some things with babies have changed, doctors warned us against putting them on their backs to sleep, but there are some things . . . like needing a good diaper and kids teaching you more than you teach them. . . that never change.    


Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

Oh I wish I was there! How fun!

Jill said...

How do you always have such great stories?!

I still remember the heinous stink from when my sisters were babies and wore cloth diapers, so I am scarred for life! I know they do it differently now, but that is just not something I would choose to do.

Marie said...

I am a disposable woman. The new cloth ones are very cute, but we are so close to being out of diapers (Harrison is 18 months, and so far we don't have a new one on the way) so to make the investment now wouldn't make a lot of sense for us.

michelle said...

How DO you always have such great stories?? I love this one. And that you were grateful for one day about the cloth diapers, ha! I considered them briefly when I was pregnant with Max, but in the end I went with easy.

That photo is a treasure!

Deidra said...

Is Cali going with cloth? I'd like to, but there are so many options I'm overwhelmed! I think we'll give the sampler from Jillian's Drawers and see what works best for us. (My mom thinks I'm crazy for considering it. Despite trying to explain new cloth diapers she still has bad memories of the old ones, plastic pants and toilet swishing!)

Elizabeth said...

Such a special story!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

That picture is absolutely priceless... Toddlers stories are the best and the things they know are amazing. Lately Emree keeps telling me we need to go to the hospital and get our next baby out. Thanks goodness we don't! How exciting for Cali. Can't wait to see pictures.

Nikki said...

I love your stories. What a great one this is!

Diapering has certainly changed. I remember helping to diaper my little sister Rachel, who is 5 years younger than me. I remember the pins, the plastic pants, the stinky diaper pail, etc.

When I started cloth diapering my oldest at about 5 months, my Dad tried to talk me out of it. I was worried that I didn't want to have to wash so often-- so I bought 4 dozen prefolds! I still have about 40 of them and have used them quite a bit. Some are thinner than others.

Lately, it's been a debate for me. Do I want to buy 600 diapers a month? or do I want to wash 600+ diapers?

And I must've missed the post announcing her pregnancy. Congratulations! I'm elated that your family is growing. What a great mom she'll be.

Nanci said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. Your posts are interesting and entertaining at the same time. Sometimes I even feel warm fuzzies after reading a particular post. Thanks Aunt Jane.