Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 on 11 of May '11

Ande -- Cali & Ande after our book club (Cali hosted).  We had discussed Why Gender Matters.  
Ande made our dessert chocolate/chocolate chip muffins with ice cream and caramel.

Cali – Ray spent the night hiding in the bedroom playing with his new, bestest toy.  
He said he could hear us out there laughing and discussing and laughing and discussing.

Cali – Me showing you my maternity pants.  
I finally had to stop wearing normal pants today.  
I think this is a mile marker or something.

Abe, Grace, Ty, Michelle eating dinner at L&L Hawaiian BBQ 

A pile of Ty & Michelle’s things accumulating on Michelle's bedroom floor.  
These are mostly boxes of granola bars and other food Ty has collected from 
Mitchell Hall (the mess hall) for our food storage. :-)

Michelle sees Ty walking back down her driveway just about every night.  
This is the last 11th that this will happen though! 
(And yes, that is snow in the air.  Mother Nature has exactly 16 days to get her act together.)

Calvin – forever and always watering the garden and yard

Jane – potting flowers.  I found pony packs of six for 88 cents!

Joe – I decided to take a picture of our home decor. Ande's been working hard on it lately. 
These two are our secretary's friends. 

Abe – our nightly toothbrushing party

Grace – our nightly toothbrushing party


Ande Payne said...

You even posted it at 11:11. Nice work Mom! Although the book club picture was supposed to be from me. I'm really glad we do this. I look forward to this every month.

Cali said...

WAIT! You have to go fix something. The first picture is Ande's picture... not mine. I just told her I'd email it for her. I forgot to write the description as if she had sent it though. PLEASE change it... she even said, "MAKE SURE mom knows this is my picture."


michelle said...

Cali is one of those darling pregnant women I always wished I could be!

I remember one of my first feelings after getting married was how wonderful it was that Marc didn't have to go home every night.